Isle of Madness Walkthrough A Haunted Man

Isle of Madness Master Guide #2: A Haunted Man

This article provides an Isle of Madness master guide for Episode 2: A Haunted Man. Certainly, the tips can equally be applied to normal difficulty level.

Maybe you have completed the episode on normal difficulty? Maybe you are struggling a little with a particular mission on master difficulty? This guide provides a proven collection of decks that can help you do the trick. Some of these decks are suitable for players on a budget, i.e. these decklists do not run any (or very, very few) epic or legendary cards to allow players with a smaller collection to continue to play Legends as a Free-to-Play game.

The article also provides a few YouTube videos of other content creators if you are interested to see some of the decks in action. With this Isle of Madness Master Guide, it should be pretty straightforward to complete the second Isle of Madness episode, A Haunted Man.

Fortress Catacombs (Chapter 1)

Reverberating Echoes

The opening act of A Haunted Man is called Fortress Catacombs. The AI opponent in this scenario is called Catacomb Creatures who is playing a House Hlaalu deck. On the positive side, you get 5 charges of a support card called Reverberating Echoes to re-trigger the summon effects of all your creatures on board. The downside? A Spider’s Lair support card is summoning a new spider against you on each of your opponent’s turns. The AI deck is pretty aggressive and you need a decent set of control tools in your deck to cope with the steady flow of creatures. The AI often plays Thadon on curve (what a coincidence?!). You need to address this threat quickly, as you will otherwise be outplayed fairly quickly.

Fortress Catacombs Decklists

The Isle of Madness Master Guide has a few decklists for you to help beat the Catacomb Creatures with ease..

  • Fortress Catacombs – IoM Budget Master, a budget Monk deck by The idea of this deck is to leverage the summon ability of Kagouti Fabricant to summon multiple 3/3 bodies into both lanes on curve. Use Drain Vitality to keep the AI opponent controlled. You can tutor multiple copies of the shout using Greybeard Mentor. In addition, use Shackle effects to stall your opponent and use Murkwater Witch to remove lethal Spiders as required. Deck code: SPAAABjiAQhCfqfrbAsaeSlBrpghgphFlhnXmnkknB
  • Fortress Catacombs – IoM Master Walkthrough is a mono-green deck by It took three attempts for me to beat the AI with this deck. It’s certainly not the most consistent deck in this scenario, but a semi-budget mono green Goblin build is fun. The deck needs a few epic Goblins, but uses only commons and raresotherwise. The idea is to leverage the additional summon ability from your support card to buff your Goblins with Murkwater Savage to put the AI opponent on a two turn clock. Murkwater Witch can be used to stabilise early and remove some of the spiders. Equally, during mid game, Shearpoint Dragon can remove a few creatures easily. Deck code: SPAAABnXAQfhoimnlAfilhqylbhllclelglflznwcX

Fortress Catacombs Video Guide

CHARM3R’s YouTube channel showcases a great video guide where he explains his strategy to beat the catacomb creatures. His deck code is: SPAFpPrgjVgOjgACdvawAWqBbOoMnAnNoekcrCgslhqyoviSlpqNnwnciylIjHkvqT

Trophy Room (Chapter 2) – Isle of Madness Master Guide

In act 2 you need to fight your way through the Trophy Room. Orcs are waiting for you and they all get a health boost, since the AI opponent is starting with the Chieftain’s Banner support already in play (Friendly Orcs have +0/+2). This chapter allows you to earn the title The Scrupulous by not destroying any of the Trophy Cases. The mission is much easier when you destroy them, but with the deck listed below you should be fine.

  • Trophy Room – IoM Master Walkthrough is a Lethal Archer deck by Orcs with boosted health are difficult to remove by regular creatures. But Orcs love to be removed by the many lethal traps this Archer deck is running. Your win condition is Quin’raw Brawler pilfering a few times. Deck code: SPAFbkczasmzgXADkNoxqkANnMaNgkgsqyirmynwqWkIdplCiv

Trophy Room Video Guide

Charm3r has created a great YouTube video guide for this episode. Please check it out and upvote it to support him!

Fortress Hallway (Episode 2, Chapter 3)

In Fortress Hallway (Act 3) you take the role of Red Avenger. In this mission, you need to fight with a pre-built House Hlaalu deck. On master level, this mission is pretty difficult and you might need multiple attempts to beat the Sorcerer deck of Fortress Guard. But don’t get frustrated and keep going. As a special condition, the Fortress Hallway scenario allows you to leverage a cheap creature to reduce the cost of all other cards in your hand by 1. A nice treat, but still a pretty challenging task, as Fortress Guard has a much stronger set of creatures at her disposal. Try to get House of Manor and Disciple of Namira out without falling back too much on board control. It appears, as if the Red Avenger deck does not contain any life gain capabilities. Ideally, you can use Chodala’s Treachery to steal a big guard and gain board control with this.

Fortress Ramparts (Episode 2, Chapter 4)

Isle of Madness Master Guide Hero's Axe

In Fortress Ramparts (Act 4) you play as The Hero of Dawn with a pre-built House Redoran deck. Your opponent is Fortress Guard, again, but this time she has a Scout deck at her disposal. While Fortress Guard starts with a Divine Fervor in play, you start with a Hero’s Axe support in play. Having a creature with Rally on turn 1 can help you a lot to leverage the buffs of the Axe. Playing Ambitious Hireling into a lane with Orc Clan Captain buffs him to a 6/6 creature. If you get Haafingar Marauder onto the board before breaking some runes, this scenario can end pretty quickly with a victory animation.

Necrom Graveyard (Episode 2, Chapter 5) – Isle of Madness Master Guide

Isle of Madness Master Guide Spirit Amulet

Your opponent in Act 5 is Graveyard Spirits, who runs a mono-purple deck with Dragon Cult Ghosts. To make things worse, Graveyard Spirits uses Healing Hands to heal the Ghosts and Maple Shields to buff their health. The Necrom Graveyard mission requires you to capture 5 of these spirits. This mission equips players with the support card Spirit Amulet. Use this amulet once per turn to capture a Spirit with 1 health.

  • Necrom Graveyard – IoM Master Walkthrough is a deck by The idea of this deck is to shackle Graveyard Spirits‘ creatures and deal damage to them with creatures, Guards and/ or actions to reduce them to 1 health. If the game takes a little bit longer, Dres Tormentor can help to beat down some of the bigger Spirits. Deck code: SPAAABiyAQaQepgyoedMjXncnwrqeXeZgwiBjHnurR
  • Necrom Graveyard – Banish IoM Master Walkthrough is a deck by The idea of this deck is to ignore the mission completely and banish the Dragon Cult Ghosts from your opponent‘s deck using Cast Into Time or Piercing Twilight. Deck code: SPABejACjHgTAPmccOcedJmqoejXeZiBrRiNfrrqdMgy

Here is Charm3r’s great YouTube video guide for this episode. Please check it out and upvote it to support him! His deck code:


Fortress Personal Chambers (Chapter 6)

Isle of Madness master guide Haunted Amulet

The Spirits you captured in the Amulet during the last mission will help you in Act 6 to beat Zhanar Tabav’s guard, who is playing an Assassin deck. You start with the Haunted Amulet support card in play. The amulet banishes all creatures in a lane and summons a 3/3 Ghost when activated. You can use the Amulet to clear a lane (including your own creatures). With five uses, this mission is rather easy to solve.

  • You can use the Necrom Graveyard – Banish IoM Master Walkthrough a deck already suggested for the previous mission. Having some additional banish actions allows you to run Zhanar’s deck out of cards easily as well. Deck code: SPABejACjHgTAPmccOcedJmqoejXeZiBrRiNfrrqdMgy

Here is CHARM3Rs great video guide on how-to win the Fortress Personal Chambers mission, alongside the deck code of the Tribunal Temple deck
CHARM3R used: SPANjVaJmKlHgObqgVkqlRqtaAjtkCABhFAUoaiBoMfBcOlYiyjHlIiSbDoerCncakmcabhNeGoP

What’s Next? Where is Isle of Madness Master Guide, Part 3?!

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