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Isle of Madness Walkthrough #1 – Shivering Isles

This article provides a walkthrough guide for Isle of Madness Shivering Isles (episode 1) on Master difficulty level. Certainly, the tips can equally be applied to normal difficulty level.
Maybe you have completed the episode on normal difficulty? Maybe you are struggling a little with a particular mission on master difficulty? This guide provides a proven collection of decks that can help you do the trick. Some of these decks are suitable for players on a budget, i.e. these decklists do not run any (or very, very few) epic or legendary cards to allow players with a smaller collection to continue to play Legends as a Free-to-Play game.

The article also provides a few YouTube videos of other content creators if you are interested to see some of the decks in action. With this walkthrough guide, it should be pretty straightforward to complete the first Isle of Madness episode, Shivering Isles.

Shivering Isles – Garden of Swords – Isle of Madness Walkthrough

Isle of Madness Walkthrough Guide
The Gatecrasher title can be earned by playing in the correct order on master level

To earn the Gatecrasher title you have to start with the mission Garden of Swords on master difficulty and only complete Gates of Madness afterwards. During this mission you get to play against an opponent running items from the red/ yellow/ blue attributes. The Gardener can play these items as creatures which is otherwise not possible in Legends. However, your creatures can equip these items, when they slay them and survive. A good start to the madness, isn’t it?!

Here are a few decklists:

  • Garden of Swords IoM Master Budget, a Spellsword budget list by Several creatures with Guard or Drain as well as other life gain options allow you to control the board and keep your health well above 30. Creatures with Regenerate are ideal to equip the weapons you are fighting against. Gavel of the Ordinator is great to trade into guard creatures to stop the AI assault. Deck code: SPAAAEimkylvjbAOkkbDcxdGgpgTlJruedghkZpojLjq
  • IoM Garden of Swords | Master on Budget is a Sorcerer list by sheshin2. The idea of this deck is to use Ward creatures to trade into the items and equip them for the second attack. Deck code: SPABmKAIomoMpeaMdRqFfFdvALhaakfRoerCrQdMeFhUsmeX

In addition to the decklists, there is also a YouTube video by Charm3r where he explains his strategy and showcases his deck in action. His deck code is : SPACanmUAAAQqanigPkodVePkldlmWnjnLoerCjXjHcM

As a result you earn the item Gateslayer Axe that can only be used in the next mission. Unfortunately, Gateslayer Axe can not be added to your regular card collection.

Shivering Isles – Gates of Madness – Isle of Madness Walkthrough

Isle of Madness Walkthrough

To earn the Gatecrasher title you have to start with the mission Garden of Swords on master difficulty and only complete Gates of Madness afterwards. In Gates of Madness, you need to fight the Gatekeeper who is playing a Skeleton tribunal deck. The Gatekeeper is supported by Protector of the Fringe, a support card that allows the AI to either deal 3 damage to you, or to summon a 1/1 Risen Dead with Guard or to give a random creature +2/+2.

Here are a few decklists to complete the mission.

  • Gates of Madness – IoM Master Budget, a Warrior budget list by This Orc deck relies on an aggressive start where you Mulligan for a Stoneshard Orc and the Gateslayer Axe (you won in the previous mission) to remove opposing creatures quickly. You can use the Gateslayer Axe. You need to make good use of Breakthrough whenever possible. The deck includes one legendary (Gortwog gro-Nagorm, a creature tutor) and one epic (Militant Chieftain) only. They can be replaced with a different Orc and a Shield Breaker.
    Deck code: SPACkBhqAAAQeQgnhwlLlMptbHdakNpypIbylOpzcKgI
  • IoM Gates of madness | Master on Budget, a budget Battlemage deck by sheshin2. This tempo deck leverages a lot of ping effects, Charge creatures and removal actions to gain board control and gradually beat The Gatekeeper. Deck code: SPAAAHpDqEdnalcMfbiBAMgymGnVprotrCdMdPnioojHqF

CHARM3R has also created a video for Gates of Madness. The deck code of his Warrior deck is:


Shivering Isles – No-Rat Camp – Isle of Madness Walkthrough

No-Rat Camp puts you up against Nervous Giant, who starts of with 80 health. If you hit the giant’s face with a Skeever, he takes extra damage, thus running a deck with Skeevers is totally “on-theme”. You even start off with two Skeevers on board but the Nervous Giant will quickly remove this with quite a few really big threats.

Here are a few decklists as part of our Isle of Madness Walkthrough:

  • No-Rat Camp – IoM Master Budget is a Battlemage budget deck list by The list runs only common and rare cards. You need to use “ping effects” like Nord Firebrand or Rapid Shots to kill the Nervous Giants your opponent loves to play. Fell the Mighty helps to remove other bigger threats as well. Dres Tormentor and Shackle slows down the AI opponent and keep board control. Over time, this allows you to play more and more Skeevers which deal additional face damage to the AI opponent. Deck code: SPAAABrMAQdKcygymGlLoefrjNjXmCncoqeZgjiBjH
  • Master Difficulty No-Rat Camp Doomcrag Warrior is a Warrior deck by Grimfeng. Grimfeng’s deck includes plenty of ping effects to deal with Nervous Giants on the board. In addition, the deck provides a lot of cycling via Namira’s Shrine and leverages the legendary Doomcrag Vampire to remove bigger threats with lethal creatures. A Flesh Atronach and Skeevers paried with a Mushroom Tower provide plenty of options to win this match. Deck code: SPAGabmCflfvgBliAEbDpegalmAMlDbcmGnVakpDirlpmyoqeElI

CHARM3R has created a walkthrough video of his Archer deck where he explains his strategy and showcases the deck in action. His deck code is:


Shivering Isles – Notehollow

In Notehollow you are facing Grummite Savage, an opponent who cannot be damaged by hitting face. Grummite Savage’s deck includes 172 cards which provides means an unlimited supply of creatures that refill the opponent’s hand, when played. The draw deck does, however, run only three creatures: a blue, red and yellow Grummite. Each Grummite has a special ability to replace itself by drawing another card.

In addition, the support card Notehollow play a strange melody every turn. Look at the music notes that reflect the color of the creatures in Grummite Savage’s deck. To win, you need to hit the targets in the same order as indicated by the support card, based on the colors.
If you are color-blind, you need to remember the tune and the sounds being played as you kill the Grummites.

Notehollow Decklist

A few decklists to beat Grummite Savage are available on legends-decks.

  • Notehollow – Banisher Mage – IoM Master Budget, a Mage deck by The deck contains only common and rare cards and is suitable for new players. The idea of this deck is to banish all creatures from Grummite Savage’s draw deck. You will need Cast into Time from the Forgotten Hero Collection and Piercing Twilight from the FrostSpark Collection. Both cards can be acquired with in-game gold. You will need three successful plays of Cast into Time and/ or Piercing Twilight before your opponent starts to draw a card that deals 5 damage for the next six turns. The rest of the deck is designed to control your opponent and remove the threats he is playing, predominantly with mass-removal and other control cards. In close games, you have some options to gain life via Bruma Profiteer, Crassius’ Favor or Feasting Hunger. A few rune breaks might actually help to draw the combo pieces, so don not be too afraid. Deck code: SPAAABmiAQcxdGgpgThQjDkcoeaRghjmncimmccOjj
  • Kill Grummite Savage! Act1 is a Mage deck by acampbell11. The deck follows a similar approach to banish Grummite Savage’s entire deck. The deck runs more legendary and epic cards which makes it potentially a little bit more consistent. Deck code: SPACbqjtAAAQgydGlVplcBcJdVkbncrqgwimjHmccOiy
  • Note Hollow Master, a Mage deck by Urban.Minotaur. In the first few turns, use your Guards to kill the red and blue Grummites, but save your damage and kill cards in line with the tune. Use Shackle effects and powerless guards to hold off the opponent hitting you. If you need additional cards, let Grummite Savage break another rune or two in order to get all the cards you need. Deck code: SPACaeaRAAAQfsnIbSfWgygUkksaoecBgvjmkbncrMiB

Notehollow Video

If you prefer to watch a video, check out RandomSkyrim‘s YouTube channel. He has created a deck with a banishing approach.

Shivering Isles – The Other

Isle of Madness Waltkthrough Guide
Select option “You know…” to earn the title The Truthbringer

In The Other Half Tavyar and Rayvat are asking you to fight their other half. You are given three options, to fight either the Mage or the Knight or to tell Tyvyar the truth, explaining that Tavyar and Rayvat are the same person. This option allows you to earn the hidden title The Truthbringer. Select the third option to the right, where it says “You know…” (see screenshot above).

In this case, both lanes come with a special lane condition. The left lane, Flanking lane says: After a creature is summoned here, give friendly creatures in the other lane +1/+0. The right lane, Mage Tower, has the following lane condition: After you play an action, summon a random creature in this lane with the same cost. Note, this is not a shadow lane.

The Tavyar and Rayvat AI plays a Tribunal Temple deck that

Here are a few decklists to beat Tavyar and Rayvat.

  • The Other Half – IoM Master Budget Walkthrough is a Spellsword Token list by It consists of common and rare cards only. THe idea of the deck is similar to the AI’s deck – only faster. Use your actions to summon creatures to both lanes. This spawns a creature in the left lane and two creatures in the right lane, where both will be buffed. Playing cheap creatures to Flanking Lane nicely buffs everything in the right lane. You need to mulligan for 1-3 cost actions that summon creatures to both lanes. Deck code: SPAAABiKAQqsiDnBdGeQgpskcFmYoWqmcnkylmnooD

Stay tuned for more walkthrough guides of the other Isle of Madness episodes. If you like the deck lists, please vote for them on Please support the YouTube content creators by subscribing to their YouTube channels and like their videos. If you have any feedback, suggestions or remarks on this article or the content, please leave a comment below.

Please check out our Isle of Madness page for more information about the latest story expansion to The Elder Scrolls Legends.

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