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Budget Decks for The Elder Scrolls Legends

Decklists for Budget Decks are a great way to kick-start your Elder Scrolls Legends experience. Budget decks are a great way for new starters to gain experience with the game and to climb the ranks in Ranked Play. Additionally, they can be used to grind Soul Gems against the Expert AI to acquire more cards.

A Litte bit about Ranked Play

The Elder Scrolls Legends is an awesome Free-to-Play game. Every month Bethesda rewards every player to reach certain ranks with a Monthly Reward Card. By reaching rank 9, you will earn one copy of the card; by reaching rank 5, you will be awarded two copies; and by reaching rank 1 you will receive a full playset of that Monthly Reward Card (if you missed a month, please check out Monthly Reward Cards – Crafting Guide). Thus, climbing to rank 1 is crucial to acquire these otherwise hard to get cards.

The Budget Decks

The following Budget decks have been collated and played successfully by Savos_Aren from the Blood Warriors Guild, who has also provided the write-up. A big big THANK YOU for the hard work that has gone into these.

Budget Decks: Budget Prophecy Battlemage

Budget Decks Prophecy Battlemage
Budget Prophecy Battlemage

Deck Code:


  • Budget Prophecy Battlemage is an aggressive deck.
  • The aim of this budget deck is to kill your opponent quickly. Most of the times you don’t want to trade and just go face, although sometimes you just cannot avoid it.
  • When you have to trade you want to do it the most efficient way, which will be most likely 1-for-1.
  • The greatest enemy of this sort of decks are Guard and Drain. Use Intimidate, Cast Out, Shield Breaker, Crushing Blow or Lightning Bolt to get rid of such creatures.
  • Crushing Blow and Lightning Bolt can be used as reach, too, to blow that final damage to win.
  • This deck is a bit fragile versus control decks but very strong against more aggressive ones.
  • You have 33 prophecies and your opponent will regret going face.
  • If you can lure an aggro-opponent to go face and get one or two prophecies, victory will likely be yours.
  • If you have Ancano in your collection you can drop something from the decklist. Ancano is excellent if you want to get rid of an enemy creature or to finish off your opponent.
  • Lane choice must depend on what you are up against. In an optimal case you want to have enough power in both lanes. If the opponent takes over the field lane don’t be afraid to play in the shadow.

Budget Decks: Budget Midgro Sorcerer

Budget Decks - Budget Sorcerer
Budget Sorcerer

Deck Code:


  • Budget Midgro Sorcerer is an aggressive deck with the capability of playing a bit more defensively against other aggro decks.
  • You have creatures with good stats and wards that can be used to trade favorably.
  • You should go mostly for the field lane, forcing your opponent into the shadow, leaving you doing what you want in the field. The advantage of taking over the field lane is that it’s you who decide trades (please refer to this article about Strategic Lane Choice if you are interested in further details)
  • A few hints and notes on how to leverage some of the cards in this deck:
    • Camlorn Hero can activate Grim Shield-Brother and Whiterun Protector on summon if the opponent is one or two points away from a rune break.
    • If you have a full lane with a Haunting Spirit you can summon a creature on top of it and she can boost one of your creatures, getting +3 damage that turn that can help you reach lethal.
    • Before doing trades and killing your opponent’s creatures don’t forget to summon your Dragontail Savior so it can get more power (I do this mistake sometimes).
    • If you play Sixth House amulet on Young Mammoth, Shadowfen Priest or any other 4 power creature they will get Ward because the summon ability checks AFTER the amulet is equipped (so the creature doesn’t have to have 5 power by default, it’s enough if it reaches 5 power thanks to the amulet).

Budget Decks: Budget Token Mage

Budget Decks - Budget Token Mage
Budget Token Mage

Deck Code:


  • Budget Token Mage is another aggressive deck that goes for building a wide board (meaning you have a good number of smaller creatures probably in both lanes) and giving them boost with Fifth Legion Trainer, Resolute Ally and Divine Fervor. Although your creatures might seem to be low on stats at first, the bonuses can boost them considerably.
  • Additionally, you have Gavel of the Ordinator, Wardcafter and Cloudrest Illusionist to help you make favorable trades. A good example that happens quite often is when your opponent tries to block the lane with a Hive Defender, expecting you to lose 2-3 creatures to it. However, with Cloudrest Illusionist they simply lose their creature while all your creatures survive.
  • Cleric of Kyne is also capable of helping you make favorable trades.
  • our greatest enemy is Ice Storm which is to be expected as soon as your opponent reaches 6 magicka. Wardcrafter, Pit Lion, Cleric of Kyne, Resolute Ally, Hive Defender and Divine Fervor may help you play around it. Make sure to keep health values above 3.
  • Use Grisly Gourmet to get rid of any smaller threat you don’t like, such as guards with 1 or 2 power, Daggerfall Mage, Windkeep Spellsword, smaller creatures with Drain, etc. Don’t forget that if one of your creature attacks a Sweetroll it will be healed, sometimes it can be useful.
  • Imprison can help a lot when you need to get rid of bigger threats like Hand of Dagoth, for example. It can kill an exalted Vivec, too. Although it is best if used with 4 or more yellow creatures on the board, you can also use it simply to shackle a creature if necessary.

Budget Red-based Aggro Crusader

Budget Decks - Budget Aggro Crusader
Budget Red-based Aggro Crusader

Deck Code:


  • The red-based Aggro Crusader deck needs the least explanation. Face is the place, that’s it. Hit face, hit face, hit face.
  • Please note, that your Firebrands can do a very nice amount of damage from hand with Orc Clan Captain, Fifth Legion Trainer and Northwind Outpost in play. Especially, if you have a Battleaxe from Ulfric’s Zealot 😉

Budget Red Aggro Warrior

Budget Red Aggro Warrior

Deck Code:


  • This Red Aggro Warrior is very similar to the Red Aggro Crusader deck described above. It does, however, provide a bit more trading capability with cards like Wind Keep Spellsword, Haunting Spirit, and Young Mammoth.
  • Hint: If you have a full lane with Sower of Revenge you can summon a creature on top of it to sacrifice him and deal 5 damage if necessary.

Budget Beast Form Warrior

Budget Beast Form Warrior

Deck Code:


  • This Aggro deck runs a lot of cards with Beast form and tools that help you to break runes.
  • Fiery Imp damages the opponent even if they have a guard in front of it.
  • Dagoth Dagger helps you with Breakthrough, ensuring that Tree Minder or another small guard will not block your attacks entirely.
  • Afflicted Alit can also break a rune on summon. Although this is an aggro deck you must play it carefully regarding breaking runes. If you see a great Beast Form opportunity for next turn you might want to avoid attacking for one turn.
    A big part of the deck is available straight away if you acquire Aela’s Companions starter deck for 500 in-game gold.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with these deck lists. We appreciate your questions and feedback. Please simply leave a comment, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


  1. I struggled to reach rank 5 with my slay scout deck, took me ages. Then I tried the prophecy battle mage deck and reached rank 2 within hours. This deck is INSANE, thank you very much! Do you have any tips how to develop the deck, spice it up a little with rarer cards? I am thinking Relentless Raider for example (got one in the deck since I was missing some other card). I already included Ancano.

    1. Ancano and Raider are good, as well as Blighted Alit or Galdiator Arena and maybe one more Battlemace. People have been experimenting with Trouble Seeker (although it doesn’t have Prophecy) from IoM as well as it can break your own runes and remove a small Guard.

      1. You could drop 1 Sharpshooter for Ancano. Alternatively, try to fit in Ancano for a Shield Breaker or Battlemace. Depends a little on your collection…

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