Budget Decks for The Elder Scrolls Legends (Update 25-Oct-2019)

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  1. Chezfuchs TESL says:

    I struggled to reach rank 5 with my slay scout deck, took me ages. Then I tried the prophecy battle mage deck and reached rank 2 within hours. This deck is INSANE, thank you very much! Do you have any tips how to develop the deck, spice it up a little with rarer cards? I am thinking Relentless Raider for example (got one in the deck since I was missing some other card). I already included Ancano.

    • Holoir says:

      Ancano and Raider are good, as well as Blighted Alit or Galdiator Arena and maybe one more Battlemace. People have been experimenting with Trouble Seeker (although it doesn’t have Prophecy) from IoM as well as it can break your own runes and remove a small Guard.

      • Charles says:

        What would you get rid of for Ancano? Very interested in doing this deck.

      • Holoir says:

        You could drop 1 Sharpshooter for Ancano. Alternatively, try to fit in Ancano for a Shield Breaker or Battlemace. Depends a little on your collection…

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  3. July 2, 2019

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