Ghost Fanatic

Ghost Fanatic – Uses & Synergies

Toucharcade, the “#1 iOS games site packed with news, reviews, forums and more”, revealed Ghost Fanatic, another new card for Isle of Madness (see ‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’: We Scare Up an Exclusive Card Reveal From Isle of Madness). This is what we will get:

Ghost Fanatic
Ghost Fanatic

Ghost Fanatic is a 3-cost 3/3 Spirit that costs 1 less for each creature that died on your own turn. The card is Neutral, which generally allows it to be played in any deck. A health value of 3 allows it to be easily removed by Crushing Blow, Reverberating Strike, Lightning Bolt or Ice Storm.

If we are looking at the stats without the special ability, a 3/3 for 3 competes against some 42 cards with same or better cost, as well as same or better stats.

A few examples (check the link above for the full list): Mighty Ally, Withered Hand Cultist, Cunning Ally, Vigilant Ancestor, Enamor’s Keeper, Pit Lion, Cornerclub Gambler, Nimble Ally, Resolute Ally, Siege Catapult, Haunting Spirit, Aundae Clan Sorcerer, etc. Most of these provide an additional benefit when summoned, can be buffed or provide some other form of long-term value.

Ghost Fanatic – Explosive Openings, when triggered

Thus, Ghost Fanatic as a 3/3 for 3 magicka is not as good as any of those 42 other options. Consequently, we have to consider the Spirit’s special ability. As a consequence, any deck that includes Ghost Fanatic has to very consistently proc the cost-reduction. Let’s see: a 3/3 for a cost of 2 magicka is much more appealing. At 2-cost or below, you currently have

  • just 4 cards with better or equal stats on both power and health (Mournhold Traitor, Ravenous Crocodile, Siege Catapult, Falling Wizard) plus maybe Jiub and Morag Tong Aspirant.
  • only 3 cards with better power and less or equal health.
  • 9 cards with better health and less or equal power (most are 0/4s or 0/5s that see very little play).

Thus, if you are looking for better stats on a 1-cost or 2-cost creature, Ghost Fanatic is your guy – uhmmm – ghost. Again, IF you get him to proc. Rating:
4 out of 5 points.

Ghost Fanatic At Parity

Drawing a Ghost Fanatic as a top-deck at Parity is not great, since you only get a mediocre 3/3 body. Probably, many of the other 42 2-3 drops with equal or better stats provide better special abilities at parity (e.g. Cornerclub Gambler, drawing two cards). At Parity, the cost reduction does not matter at all, as players usually have 6 magicka or more at their disposal. Rating: 1 out of 5 points.

Ghost Fanatic When Winning

When you are Winning, Ghost Fanatic can have some impact. Possibly your board might require to trade here and there and a 2-cost 3/3 played alongside some other creatures from hand will provide a little bit of additional value. Certainly, it’s not a huge sticky threat like Hulking Scalon, but also not totally useless. Rating: 3 out of 5 points.

Ghost Fanatic as a Turnaround

If you need a turnaround, Ghost Fanatic does not have much of an immediate impact. You cannot directly trade into something and your opponent can easily ignore him. Due to his stats he can trade into something small on your next turn but many 3-drops provide strictly better stats and better effects during a turnaround. Rating: 2 out of 5 points.


1. Decks using Tempo Kills

Legends offers plenty of cards that allow for a tempo kill. The idea is to play a card that retains or strengthens your board presence while it removes one or multiple creatures of your opponent at the same time. Removing a creature with a tempo play will reduce the cost of Ghost Fanatic by 1. Additionally, you might want to trade a creature on board 1:1 which would allow you to play Ghost Fanatic for “free”. Some example of cards that can help with a tempo kill, are (by attribute; not a complete list):

  • Strength has Ashlander Zealot, Tiny Dragon, Sharpshooter Scout, Hlaalu Sharpshooter, Quicksilver Crossbow, Raiding Party, Skaven Pyromancer, Stoneshard Orc, Valenwood Huntsman, Dushnikh Yal Archer, Earthbone Spinner, and many more.
  • Intelligence has Ghostgate Defender, Icy Shambles, Ash Servant, Dres Tormentor + Shackle, Ash Piercer, Staff of Sparks on a Lethal Creature, Ancano, many creatures with Ward, and more.
  • Willpower has Calm, Cloudrest Illusionist, Gavel of the Ordinator, Arrow Storm, Harmony, Dawnbreaker, Mecinar’s Will, Writ of Execution, Spiteful Dremora, Immolating Blast and a few others.
  • Agility has Morag Tong Aspirant, the Curse Package (Goblin Skulk & Curse, and Murkwater Shaman), Murkwater Witch, Leaflurker, Camoran Scout Leader, Fleeting Apparition, Shearpoint Dragon and a few more.
  • Endurance has many creatures with Ward, Aundae Clan Sorcerer, Brassilisk.
  • Neutral has Shadowmere, Ravenous Crocodile, Assembled Titan and Factotums.
  • Assassin has Black Hand Messenger.
  • Archer has Archer’s Gambit (e.g. on a Lethal creature to kill 3), Allena Benoch and Falinesti Reaver with Tiny Dragon.
  • Battlemage has Frostscale Dragon.
  • Sorcerer has High King Emeric, Worm King’s Agent.

2. Fabricants

Most Fabricants require you to have a neutral card in play to gain a additional utility. An example: If you have a board to proc Ghost Fanatic into a 0-cost and a Hulking Fabricant in hand you can get an 8/8 and a 3/3 out on turn 4 or 5. This definitely needs a lucky draw and a decent board position allowing you to actively trade (probably in the Shadow Lane). Similarly, triggering a Kagouti Fabricant ((after you traded and played Ghost Fanatic) gives you three 3-cost bodies for as little as 4 magicka. That’s also pretty good value…

3. Deck Cycling with Disciple of Namira

Another opportunity to use Ghost Fanatic is in Disciple of Namira decks. Disciple of Namira allows you to draw a card when a friendly creature in this lane dies. Oftentimes, Disciple of Namira is used in Doomcrag Warrior and Abomination Scout, where it’s combined with Thieves Guild Fence to cycle through a 50-card deck by turn 7-10. In this scenario, Ghost Fanatic might become another one of those cycle cards, because you will be able to proc him pretty consistently. A 3/3 body is actually already a big body in the Abomination Scout deck.

4. Dwemer Decks and Dwarven Dynamo

Since Dwemer decks can easily go very wide multiple times per game and often have to trade into the Guards being thrown at them. These appear to be good conditions to consistently proc Ghost Fanatic. Since the spirit is Neutral, he also provides synergy with Dwarven Dynamo that can be used to buff the spirit further on one of the next turns.

5. Token Decks

Token decks have strong similarities to Dwemer decks. They also summon many smaller creatures (=tokens) to both lanes and often have to trade. Consequently, the idea is to buff these tokens by using cards like Divine Fervor, Resolute Ally or Fifth Legion Trainer to maximise the damage per turn. Since token decks rely on an abundant number of smaller creatures, Ghost Fanatic should be easy to proc in these decks and provide a good tempo play. Definitely worth a try, as he also does not die to an Ice Storm, when buffed by one in Health.

6. Wispmother “Hardcore Challenge-OTK”

Wispmother duplicates a creature that you summon to the other lane. The condition: the creature has to cost 2 or less. Notably, Whitebear-84 had the idea to incorporate Wispmother and Ghost Fanatic into an OTK combo. You get to kill three creatures on board and have 13 magicka. In your hand are a Wispmother, Shadomere, Mentor’s Ring and three copies of Ghost Fanatic. You then play Wispmother into the 0-cost Ghost Fanatics, into Shadowmere, into Mentor’s Ring to charge for 5+(3*3)*2+1+3=27 damage. Definitely a fun, meme-ish combo that is difficult to pull off. For those who like a challenging combo, you better make sure to video this, because this will be an epic play to share at Twitter #LegendsHighlights.

7. Aundae Clan Sorcerer Decks

Decks leveraging Aundae Clan Sorcerer today create consistent opportunities for turns in which three creatures are killed. Certainly, Nord Firebrands are often used to proc Aundae Clan Sorcerer. In this scenario, you will also be able to play Ghost Fanatic for a cost of 0 as an additional goodie. Therefore, check your ACS deck to see, if you need it to be more aggressive on turn 2 and see if you can replace any of your 2-drops or 1-drops that you currently include.


So, how good is Ghost Fanatic really? The card is suited to provide aggro decks with an explosive opening. In particular, Token decks in Spellsword or Crusader, House of Manor Hlaalu, Dwemer decks, Tempo Assassin and many more might all find a slot for him. Here, the Spirit can provide good tempo. Outside of Dominate Beatdown Aggro his versatility and stats are certainly lacking. He does support decks that rely on trading or cycling cheap creatures and can certainly find a home in those decks as well.

So what do you think? Do you agree? Are their other decks you would like to try this in? Please leave a comment below.

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