Blood Warriors Guild – Weekly Deck – Orca’s Factotum Archer

Happy Monday everybody! This week’s featured deck list is a Factotum/Conscription Archer list from orcagaming! This list combines the movement tricks and lethal pings of Archer with the snowballing juggernaut of the Factotum package and wraps it up nicely in a neutral draw and end game package featuring Namira’s Shrine, Journey to Sovngarde and Tullius’ Conscription.

Here is a link to the Legends-Decks page.

Now, let’s take a look at how it operates…


This a highly reactive deck focused on board control and stalling while you draw journeytosovngarde-1through your entire deck to find Journey to Sovngarde, shuffle all your creatures back in and then Tullius’ Conscription to close out the game. As you grind through your deck, playing Factotums will increase their strength, so the longer the game goes, the more powerful your creatures become. Since Factotums start off very weak, you need to utilize Archer’s cheap early game removal in the form of Lethal + Pings/Movement to keep your opponent at bay and buy time to begin snowballing into the late game.


Most of the deck’s removal centers around the infamous “lethal” Archer package, namely Archer’s Gambit + lethal creatures like Fighter’s Guild Recruit, Astrid and Sanctuary Pet. Once you play your first Assembled Sanitizer, all of your Factotums will also have lethal and be prime Gambit targets. This deck also utilizes the Drain Vitality shout package, although there’s only a single Word Wall for support, so if you find it in your opening hand, it’s probably best to hold on to it.

Since your deck relies so heavily on having Lethal creatures for removal, and also since its early game can be really frail, you need to make sure that your first two assembles are Lethal and Guard from Sanitizer and Sentry respectively. After that you can focus purely on stats with the rest of your Factotums. For Assembled Titan, you want to pick face damage and healing options. You’ve got a single Close Call in the deck and Titan is a huge target for it. (You can also use it on Word Wall to level up your DVs.)

theredyearYour late game consists almost entirely of Tullius’ Conscription + Journey to Sovngarde. You also have an Odahviing as both a board clear and a late game bomb. If you get into a pinch, The Red Year can save your hide. You want to use Namira’s Shrines to churn through your deck to find these late game pieces. Just be really careful about spending your resources wisely and not overdrawing. DO NOT OVERDRAW YOUR JOURNEY. It can’t be stressed enough. Be very wary about playing all three Shrines.

The rest of the deck consists of various draw and tech cards like Thieves Guild Recruit, Rapid Shot, Shadowshift for cycle, Hlaalu Sharpshooter for silence and Dushnik Yal Archer for support removal. Brynjolf is your only way to gain life aside from Assembled Titan’s ability, so make sure you use him wisely.


You want to keep Assembled Sentry and Sanitizer in your opening hand always so that you can get your Lethal and Guard abilities online. Your 1-of Word Wall is also a good thing to hold on to. Throw back just about anything else that doesn’t help you survive the early game. Don’t keep Reflective Automatons since they are best played after receiving assembled bonuses.


VS Aggro – It’s going to be a rough go. You’ll need to focus purely on survival. Make good use of your Drain Vitality and dig for Assembled Titan to get your healing assembly online. Prioritize Guard and Health buffs on your Factotums above anything else. Dushnik Yal Archers are great here for pinging off low-health threats and holding down a lane.

VS Midrange – Against non-Sorcerer variants, you probably have decent matchups. allenabenochLethal + Pings have always been really strong against Midrange, but watch out for ward creatures and make good use of your silences.

VS Control – Your late game package can outvalue just about anything else out there, so just focus on getting your draw engine assembled (hah), churn through your deck, and get to the late game. Since your late game can beat most other control decks, don’t try to play the beat down. Take the long, grindy route and wait it out until you can Journey + Conscription and end the game swiftly.


Thanks for reading everybody! Stay tuned for our next weekly deck coming up soon! If you’d like to try this deck out, here is the handy dandy deck code:


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