Daily Archive: December 14, 2018

Festival Of Madness The Elder Scrolls Legends

Festival of Madness – Let’s Talk TESL-Commercials

The Elder Scrolls Legends has always been a fair F2P game. I know many Top 100 players that do not yet have a complete card collection. You do not need to spend to win in TESL. Also, Bethesda has been clearly taking efforts to protect players’ investments into the game. Now, the Festival of Madness is providing The Elder Scrolls...


Balance Patch 2.5 Review

As of the publishing of this article, Patch 2.5 is live and it brings with it a host of balance changes, some as predicted and some that are complete surprises. TESLBlog is excited to present some thoughts on the potential impact of these changes. Today TESLBlog contributors Holoir and WayneMcPain are joined by special guest Major Broski as we dive...