Blood Warriors Guild – Weekly Deck – Night of the NecroWolf

Hello again, and welcome back to the Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Deck! Due to the holidays, we are a little bit behind on publishing the Weekly deck lists, so now we are trying to catch up to current events.

Last week’s theme was Spellsword and the winner of the weekly vote was Night of the NecroWolf, a collaboration between WayneMcPain and the one and only Justin Larson!


Deck Overview:

NecroWolf is primarily a Control Spellsword deck focusing on building a value engine using many supports that generate tokens and gain life. It also has lots of other life gain, Guards, token generators and hard removal. Against Aggro and Midrange decks, you’ll want to utilize your Guards and Life gain to stall until you gain full control of the board and then kill your opponent swiftly. Against Control, you’ll want to be somewhat more aggressive and dig for your supports to build your engine so you can outvalue and outlast them.

Key Cards:


Necromancer’s Amulet and Conjurer’s Spirit together form the value engine that makes this deck unique and gives its powerful late game potential. With both on the board, anytime a creature dies on your turn, you’ll gain 1 life and create a 2/2 token. On the next turn, that 2/2 token can be traded in to fight for the board, gain more life and generate more tokens. With multiples of these supports out, you can flood the board and gain life nearly endlessly, and with Divine Fervor as well, those tokens can become respectable threats of their own.

The rest of the deck is built to Control, stall and survive long enough to out-value your opponent. For a very extensive and complete write up, please visit the deck list on Legends Decks!

Very special thank you to Justin Larson who is responsible for the concept of this deck! You can watch him play the deck in this excellent video, and be sure to check out his Twitch channel for regular streaming.

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