Mid-range Tribunal – BWG Weekly Deck

Hail and Well Met to all you lovely Humans, Elves, and Beastfolk (and to those who are somewhere in-between)!

Without further ado, this list was created by Savos_Aren (a recurring name) when the guild voted on Tribunal for the next list. Savos_Aren is an amazing aggro player with an intense, burning passion for Control Tribunal and this was his take on how the class should look. He is also a crazy, fun deckbuilder, hence this!

Please find the decklist here: BLOOD WARRIORS – WEEKLY DECK – MID TRIBUNAL

The Deck

We are a mid-range deck, and the key point of mid-range is adaptability to your match-up. Against aggro you slow your turns down and play as controlling while fighting to keep your creatures alive with careful trading. Versing control, you go hard and try to overwhelm them with warded creatures and big threats.

General Strategy

Try and identify what deck your opponent is likely to be running from their class, this is a key part of every deck, and doubly so for mid-range. If they are a typically aggressive class, like Warrior or Sorcerer, keep cards like Sorcerer’s NegationFirebolt, and Shrieking Harpy. If you are facing control, Scout or Mage, look for your early-game value creatures such as Wind Keep SpellswordBarrow StalkerDaggerfall Mage, and Young Mammoth so you can close the game quickly.

Impactful Cards

  • Sixth House Amulet – We run many large creatures that benefit incredibly from the ward side of the Amulet. Imagine, Turn 3 Young Mammoth into Turn 4 Amulet and another 3 drop. Safe trading is crucial for board presence.
  • Dawnbreaker – Does Dawnbreaker things. Top 3 Willpower cards in the game.
    Archcanon Saryon – Allows this deck to be Tribunal. The effect is adaptive and when exalted is a very powerful power-creep especially if you have overwhelming board presence.
  • Haafingar Marauder – While it is often immediately removed, if this cards effect can proc even once you can spiral the game for a win. Play it carefully.
  • Vivec – When you need somebody to lean on, he’ll be your friend, he’ll help you CARRY ON! Lean on him, when you’re not strong… ok, ok, lets not get carried away.
  • Apex Wolf – Breakthrough is nice in aggressive decks. What’s that? Drain too?! And it passes it on to another creature? WHOA!!
  • High King Emeric – With the amount of ward in this deck it should come as no surprise that he has a home here. His effect can reach crazy proportions, dealing over 10 damage.
  • Wilds Incarnate – Ah yes, a Blood Warrior Guild favourite card… the Moose (we know its not actually a moose). Against aggro you guard and maybe draw a card, but against control when you are expending all your card the Moose in the best friend of your deck.
  • Ancano – He is Ancano. Enough said? Enough said.


Kodlak9270 is Savos_Aren in case you were wondering.


Feel free to comment suggestions in the comment section below. Any questions, send them to the same place and we will try and answer them.

The Blood Warriors as a guild wish you all the best with your games! Have a great laddering experience and remember to have fun! Get ready for another list next week.

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