Monthly Archive: December 2018

Isle of Madness

Isle of Madness – Madness Beckons: 6 Card Reveal

Sheogorath beckons the first six cards of the Isle of Madness story expansion in a sneak peek deal during the Festival of Madness. After Cheesemancer, this is the second card to allow a glimpse of the upcoming Isle of Madness expansion. The deal includes three premium art copies of the 1-cost action Madness Beckons in a special deal for €9.99...

Ashlander Punisher

Ashlander Punisher – Uses and Synergies

Ashlander Punisher is the Monthly Reward Card for December 2018. Bethesda kicks-off 2019 for their Elder Scrolls Legends franchise with an absolute blast of an Archer card. Before we look at the uses and synergies, let’s take a moment to admire the card art. Isn’t it absolutely stunning? That grey-skinned, pointy-eared Dark Elf is covering his mouth and nose because...


Elder Scrolls Legends 2018 – A Year in Review and a Look Ahead

2018 was a transitional year for the Elder Scrolls Legends. The community will remember 2018 as the year of the new Sparkypants client. A year that has given us confidence that Bethesda is in for the long run with Legends. They are investing into growing the game and it’s popularity. With the delay of The Elder Scrolls Blade, the issues...


Monthly Reward Cards: Crafting Guide

In The Elder Scrolls Legends Monthly Reward Cards are difficult to acquire. TESL is a great free-to-play game and with enough time and energy you can almost get your entire collection for free. You can even play competitively on a budget, earning all your cards exclusively by spending in-game gold and no real money. When you play in ranked play,...


Discard Pile Creature Tutors – An In-Depth Look

Your opponent has just removed a creature that was pretty valuable for your game plan? Whether it’s an important combo piece being hit by their Territorial Viper, or whether it’s your Apex Wolf, Torval Extortionist, Therana, or Odahviing: you really need them back pretty badly? There is hope for you, because Discard Pile Creature Tutors can do exactly this trick...

Lane choice in TESL

Strategic Lane Choice in The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Mastering Lane Choice is key to winning in The Elder Scrolls Legends. Lanes are a feature unique to a couple games, including TESL. Standard lane placement is a field lane and a shadow lane. There have been numerous arena events which introduced other lane effects, but I’m just going to talk about standard lane placement, and strategies. In the field...

Cheesemancer - Isle of Madness - Sneak Pack

Cheesemancer – Uses and Synergies

Cheesemancer is a premium art card that reveals some of the content of The Elder Scrolls Legends Isle of Madness (IoM). IMPORTANT NOTE: the card is not part of the Isle of Madness collection itself.  You can buy three premium copies of Cheesemancer as part of the Festival of Madness Sneak Peek Pack, together with 4 HoM and 4 Skyrim...


Blood Warriors Guild – Weekly Deck – Orca’s Factotum Archer

Happy Monday everybody! This week’s featured deck list is a Factotum/Conscription Archer list from orcagaming! This list combines the movement tricks and lethal pings of Archer with the snowballing juggernaut of the Factotum package and wraps it up nicely in a neutral draw and end game package featuring Namira’s Shrine, Journey to Sovngarde and Tullius’ Conscription. Here is a link...

Festival Of Madness The Elder Scrolls Legends

Festival of Madness – Let’s Talk TESL-Commercials

The Elder Scrolls Legends has always been a fair F2P game. I know many Top 100 players that do not yet have a complete card collection. You do not need to spend to win in TESL. Also, Bethesda has been clearly taking efforts to protect players’ investments into the game. Now, the Festival of Madness is providing The Elder Scrolls...


Balance Patch 2.5 Review

As of the publishing of this article, Patch 2.5 is live and it brings with it a host of balance changes, some as predicted and some that are complete surprises. TESLBlog is excited to present some thoughts on the potential impact of these changes. Today TESLBlog contributors Holoir and WayneMcPain are joined by special guest Major Broski as we dive...

Creature Tutors

Creature Tutors in The Elder Scrolls Legends – An In-Depth Look

In The Elder Scrolls Legends, Creature Tutors are a flexible tool to draw a specific or a random creature at exactly the time you need. Creature Tutors increase the probability of drawing a particular creature from your deck. This increases the consistency of that card being drawn. For almost every combo deck, Creature Tutors are a great way to increase...

Blood Warriors Guild

Blood Warriors Guild – Open Day

The Blood Warriors Guild are having an Open Day! For 24hrs ONLY Today – please come by to make friends, ask advice, build decks and cards, share ideas, get involved in collaboration projects, join tournaments, promote positive play, network and support the TESLegends Community and much more. Please help to share and spread the word on social media. We would...


Aggro, Midrange, Control – The Ways and Means of Archetypal Match-ups

As a new player, you will have heard something about Aggro, Midrange, Control and Combo decks as being the different deck archetypes. In the Blood Warriors Guild, we are running a coaching section for new and experienced players. Recently, we discussed a few questions on the different match-ups: What are good match-ups against each archetype? Like what beats aggro, what...


Mid-range Tribunal – BWG Weekly Deck

Hail and Well Met to all you lovely Humans, Elves, and Beastfolk (and to those who are somewhere in-between)! Without further ado, this list was created by Savos_Aren (a recurring name) when the guild voted on Tribunal for the next list. Savos_Aren is an amazing aggro player with an intense, burning passion for Control Tribunal and this was his take...