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Frenzied Alit – Uses and Synergies

Frenzied Allit is the Monthly Reward card for November 2018 in The Elder Scrolls Legends. The 1-cost Reptile comes with a power of 1 and a health of 3, making it more resilient to damage than most 1-cost creatures. Frenzied Alit is another “flagellation” creature. It increases in power by +1/+0 when it takes damage. As with every monthly reward card, you will need to reach

  • rank 1 to receive three copies of the card by the end of this month,
  • rank 5 to get two copies of the card,
  • and rank 9 for a single copy of Frenzied Alit.

Frenzied Alit

Let’s evaluate the card using Quadrant Theory, before we look at additional uses and synergies.

Frenzied Alit in Quadrant Theory


With a cost of 1 magicka, Frenzied Alit is definitely a decent option during the game opening as you are attempting to establish board control. The flagellation ability makes him a better choice if your opening game plan is to fight your opponent’s creatures for board control. If your game plan is to maximize damage to your opponent’s face immediately from turn one onwards, the card does not offer the greatest power value. Ideally, you want to use Frenzied Alit to kill a 1/1 creature and a 1/2 creature during opening, as this will develop him into a 3/1 as a result. If you are facing a lot of Token decks, the Alit might be a good choice to deal with these small threats early while sustaining your board presence.


At Parity, Frenzied Alit alone offers little value. His 1/3 body does not have much of an impact on the board. It lacks a Guard or Charge attribute to make at least a bit of an immediate impact and is just too small a body to make an impact. Frenzied Alit requires support from other cards to make a reasonable impact during this phase of the game. There are a few options that allow you to retain and increase value considerably, but it will require a special built-to-purpose deck.


Equally, when you are winning the game, a 1/3 body alone does not make much of a difference. Frenzied Alit just is not the big body or the guard removal action that you are looking for, when you are starting to swing for victory.

Losing/ Turnaround

Unfortunately, the same is true when you are losing the game – Frenzied Alit alone will not allow you to make much of a comeback when the game is already well-progressed. A 1/3 body, even if it’s growing power a little bit, is not that much of a threat to your opponent’s larger creatures.


By using Quadrant Theory, we can see that the card offers opportunities during game opening for decks that care about board control in the early game. Since most Aggro or mid-range decks do care about this, he is generally worth considering. However, as the card does require a lot of synergistic cards to offer at least some combo-value in all the other quadrants, we shall expect that the card will see play only in very tailored decks. Prime candidates for this are flagellation, health-boosting and / or healing decks. Each having a game plane of allowing it’s creatures to stick for a longer time on the board and wanting to kill multiple of their opponent’s creatures.


Sword of the Inferno and other Items

With Sword of the Inferno being one of the most popular cards in the recent FrostSpark Collection, an obvious synergy exists with this two-cost item. If played on Frenzied Alit, Sword of the Inferno makes him effectively a 4/1 while also dealing 2 damage to another creature. In an aggro deck, this would allow you to swing three damage to your opponent’s face in turn two, while likely removing one of your opponent’s creatures. However, Frenzied Alit couldn’t easily be buffed further on from here. Also, he is not the best 1-cost creature to synergize with the Sword. So use this with caution.

To boost Frenzied Alit even further, you would need to consider items granting more health, such as Enchanted Plate or potentially even Imperial Armor. With a Hackwing Feather, a 3-cost item, providing +1/+3 and the Regenerate keyword, you can basically create a mini-version of the Frost Troll that does not grow as aggressively but can have a similar effect.

Equipping an item that provides the Guard keyword would actually help Frenzied Alit a lot in the dodge department and make him a reasonable blocker for your opponent. The 2-cost Legion Shield could promote the Alit into a 3- cost Hive Defender. And a Yew Shield would be just perfect in a Token matchup.

Another option is to simply use a very powerful item, such as Dawnbreaker or an Heirloom Greatsword to buff his attack value. With this, you would have a powerful threat swinging for face, that could also be used to kill-off creatures with 2 power or less for an additional greater swing next turn.

Healers and Health Boosts

Another category of cards with reasonable synergy are cards that can heal Frenzied Alit from any damage he has already taken, as well as any cards that boost his health even further.

Healers allow you to get more value from Frenzied Alit, as they heal any previous damage, allowing him to keep engaged in the fight for the board:

  • Healing Hands – As a 0-cost card that heals and provides an additional +1/+1 boost, this action is a cheap alternative to strengthen Frenzied Alit during game opening.
  • The Exalt ability of Almalexia’s Disciple would allow you to heal Frenzied Alit and all your other creatures for a cost of 4-magicka. Potentially a reasonable consideration, when you have been able to develop your board a bit wider.
  • Once each turn, Blackrose Herbalist can heal one of your random creatures in play.
  • Plea to Kynareth allows you to heal Frenzied Alit alongside all other creatures in the same lane and boost them by +1/+1.
  • Restoration Tutor can heal a creature when summoned.

Health-Boosting Creatures can also help to grow Frenzied Alit further while fighting for board control:

  • With Bruma Armorer in play, Frenzied Alit would immediately gain +0/ +2 when summoned, which would allow him to grow a bit further.
  • Ring of Imaginery Might could be used to convert Frenzied Alit into a 5/5 creature, which is about average, when considering the cost of 5 magicka needed to play both cards. If your deck already runs the Ring or is built around it, then Frenzied Alit might be a reasonable addition.

Flagellation Decks

The game plan in Flagellation Decks is to boost your creatures by self-pinging them or while fighting for board control. Oftentimes, this allows you to snowball these creatures into much bigger threats. In addition, some healing or health-gaining cards can help not only Frenzied Alit, but also your other Flagellation creatures to endure one or two additional turns.

One of the key cards for this deck is Fighters Guild Hall. This support adds +2/+0 to a creature that’s been dealt damage to. Assume you get Frenzied Alit on turn one and the Hall on turn 2, you might use the Alit to kill a 1-health creature, making him a 4/2 which is decent attack-value for the cost of three magicka.

Furthermore, Flagellation decks include additional cards that benefit from taking damage, as well as card that can be used to inflict damage to your own creatures.

Flagellation Creatures

  • Raging Horker is pretty similar to Frenzied Alit, although the Horker is gaining +1/+1 for a cost of one additional magicka.
  • Fearless Northlander is a 2-cost 2/5 who gains +2/+0 when taking damage.
  • Brassilisk, a 3-cost 2/2 Fabricant, summons a copy of itself in the other lane when it takes damage and survives.
  • When the 4-cost 1/6 Frost Troll takes damage, he gains that same amount of power. With Regenerate, the Frost Troll can be developed into a bigger threat across multiple turns.
  • Whenever the 5-cost 3/5 Gristlehide Dreugh takes damage and survives, you will draw an additional card.
  • Whenever Fetcherly Golem takes damage and survives, you summon a 2/2 Fetcherfly Swarm.

Cards with Self-ping effect

To allow you to control, when your creatures get this power-boost, your flagellation deck will also likely run a few self-ping cards like Rapid Shot, Sharpshooter Scout, Firepot Spider, Skaven Pyromancer, Dushnikh Yal Archer, Valenwoord Huntsman or even Wildfire Dragon.


Obviously Frenzied Alit is not a super powerful card that will dominate the meta for the next couple of month. Monthly Reward cards as of late (2018) have not been designed like this, and also they should not be. As they are a bit more difficult to get for new players who are joining the game later on, they have usually strengthened a somewhat under-rated theme, and attempted to make it a bit more viable.

And Frenzied Alit does a decent job at this. It expands the Flagellation theme in a reasonable way and adds an additional flagellation creature for these types of decks. I have already seen a few flagellation decks on the ladder this month and would expect a few more coming our way in early December.

Outside of this archetype, the card has reasonable use during the Opening phase, particularly against Token decks and when combined with the appropriate items or health boosting/healing cards, the Alit can add much more value than meets the eye, initially. It is great to finally see the Monthly Reward cards coming back as an “insitutation” to The Elder Scroll Legends.

Good luck for the last days on the ladder!


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