Dwemer Harmony – Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Decklist

Hail friends! Welcome back to the Blood Warriors Guild’s Weekly Decklist. This week we have a rather spicy Mage deck from Holoir themed around Dwemer and featuring the new monthly reward card, Altmer Dragonknight. Hope you enjoy!

You can find the link to the list on Legends-Decks here!

Deck Overview:


For the most part, this deck is going to handle very similarly to a standard Token Mage list, except with a big focus on Dwemer. You are going to want to be aggressive and swarm your opponent and use powerful supports like Divine Fervor and Halls of the Dwemer to finish them off in the mid game.harmony

This deck has a handful of combat tricks and burst damage, and in a pinch you can use your Crushing Blows and Lightning Bolts for removal, though it is preferable to hang on to them for reach to close out a match. The biggest threat this deck is going to face is common to all token decks: Ice Storm, which is going to come down right around the time you are able to play your Halls, so its very important to keep heavy pressure on VS control and try to end the game as quickly as possible.

Notable Includes:

Harmony: Harmony is going to be a key card for you in aggressive and midrange mirrors. If you pick it up off a Prophecy, carefully consider whether it is worth playing to mitigate damage or to keep for later. This is one of the few Prophecy cards that is usually better played from hand. If you can block a significant amount of damage or prevent trades, play it off a Prophecy. Otherwise, take the damage and draw more cards and use Harmony for more value later.

Altmer Dragonknight: There are only 10 actions in the deck, but most of them are going to be your burst damage / removal spells. Which means if you don’t have a spell in hand that you can play alongside Dragonknight, it’s probably best to just play it anyway for tempo. Try not to be too greedy and save it in hopes of getting max value out of it.

altmerdragonknightDwarven Dynamo: Most of the Dwemer are pretty self explanatory, but this one deserves special mention. Dwarven Dynamo is one of the most versatile creatures in your deck and one of the main reasons to play Dwemer. It can used for surprise reach to close out a game, or to make value trades while protecting important threats. Just keep in mind that it can’t target itself!

Piercing Twilight: A 4/4 Guard in a list like this is certainly welcome as it helps protect your other threats, however the upside is being able to deal with problem cards in certain matchups. If your opponent plays an Ice Storm, for instance, being able to remove the rest of them from the game is going to make your life a whole lot easier. Try to target cards that destroy your game plan — AoE, Support Removal, removal spells, and Drain creatures are your best targets.

Ayrenn: Although there are only a handful of actions in the deck, being able to pull a Lightning Bolt or Crushing Blow back for a bit of late game burst damage is going to win you games.

Halls of the Dwemer: This is your trump card. The entire deck’s gameplan revolves around this one card. There are going to be plenty of games that you steal with this, and some that you will lose because you can’t find it. For that reason, in some matchups, it hallsofthedwemermight be worth keeping one in your opening hand, but be very careful about this play. A dead card for 5-6 turns can cost you the game as easily as not drawing Halls when you need it!

And that’s it for this week’s Dwemer Mage list from Holoir! Be sure to come back next week and check out our next Weekly Decklist. Cheers!


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