Daily Archive: November 20, 2018


Dwemer Harmony – Blood Warriors Guild Weekly Decklist

Hail friends! Welcome back to the Blood Warriors Guild’s Weekly Decklist. This week we have a rather spicy Mage deck from Holoir themed around Dwemer and featuring the new monthly reward card, Altmer Dragonknight. Hope you enjoy! You can find the link to the list on Legends-Decks here! Deck Overview: For the most part, this deck is going to handle...


Statistical Significance in Playtesting

The Problem Why care about Statistical Significance in Playtesting? Maybe you are wondering if your deck is a good one? Maybe you want to know if it beats another (type of) deck consistently? Do you want to improve your Deckbuilding Process? For example, can your deck consistently beat a specific Telvanni Conscription deck your friend is always playing? I found...