Combo, Wombo – BAM #5: Namira’s OTK Monk

Hail Legends and welcome to a new article in the Combo, Wombo – BAM section! This article will be concerned with a Combo deck that focuses on another OTK win condition using the Ring of Namira. Previously, Blooddrunk007 from the Blood Warriors Guild posted an article for the Scout class involving the use of Namira’s Ring in conjunction with the Spider Daedra and the Necromancer’s Amulet [Combo, Wombo – Bam #1]. Now we present you with an alternative Combo that can be carried out with the Monk class (and theoretically also in House Hlaalu decks). But before we go into the deck-tech details, let me indulge a bit in the lore and ancient history of the Daedric Lord Namira that surrounds this unique legendary support card. If you don’t care about such stories, skip ahead and go right into the deck-tech description.


The History of Namira and the Origins of her Artifact

Namira has been given many names and titles over the millennia, amongst others “The Mistress of Decay and Revulsion”, “The Patron Deity of Cannibals”, “The Devour of the Dead” or “The Beggar Prince”. Little is known about the Spirit Daedra [1], probably one of the most repulsive deities known to the Elder Scrolls. Her first appearance in the chronicles stems from a written tale in the First Era, called the Beggar Prince [2]. Connected to Lorkan, the Spirit of Nirn, the God of all mortals [3], Namira also plays an integral part of the Khajiits’ creation history [4]. She has been often referred to as “The Great Darkness” when they whisper her name and tell their children stories about her. Namira is commonly associated with spiders, maggots and other repulsive and disgusting beings. Her sphere of influence is the ancient and eternal darkness. Her realm of Oblivion, the Scuttling Void, is a place shrouded in darkness, and like many places in Oblivion, it is hidden from the mortals’ eyes [5]. It is said that only a few have ever seen this place, but no one ever returned alive to tell stories about it.

Followers of Namira show their devotion by choosing a life in the most squalid conditions, wallowing in filth and refuse, infected by unspeakable diseases, while separated from the cultural norms of society. Furthermore, the Cult of Namira worships their deity by devouring the flesh of other mortals; a ritual that has been carried out for centuries at her shrine and has cost the lives of countless innocent mortal beings. Namira presides over the unseen things that lurk and skitter in the foul and wet darkness as her followers encompass the depths of revulsion and despair. She remains the patron of baggers and the discarded remnants of society, the beacon for those for whom disease and festering sickness have forced out of the realm of cultural acceptance.

The legend says that Namira has bestowed an artifact upon the world of Nirn, the Ring of Namira, usually granted to mortals who are suitably repugnant while carrying out her dark and foreboding orders. Over the millennia, the ring has exhibited different properties. Sometimes, it has been said to reflect ill-intend back onto an attacker, while at other times it has granted the wearer increased vigor and vitality in return for the consumption of mortal flesh. Not much else is known about this artifact, but when you wear it: be assured to praise her dark name and be bound to her for eternity.

Your dare approach my shrine, Child of the Light? You, who walk this place basking in the light of the warm, cruel sun?”  – Namira

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[5] Morian Zenas, On Oblivion


The Combo Pieces

Namiras’ OTK Monk originally used the following key cards:


Since the Houses of Morrowind expansion, you can also pull off the combo using:



The Combo

The main idea of this combo is straightforward: You equip the Ring of Namira and play either 2x Dawnstar Healer or Dawnstar Healer + Ebonheart Oracle. Using a random creature on your board or a damage spell to break the 1st rune, Dawnstar Healer will heal you for 6 health points while the Ring of Namira will simultaneously inflict 6 damage to your opponent. This, in turn, breaks the 2nd opponents’ rune and cycles into the next heal/damage combo until your opponent is dead (and sent to Namira’s eternal darkness where they will suffer forever and ever until the end of time). Once the combo has successfully started, it is unstoppable even for prophecies. Important note: Make sure you have enough damage onboard or in-hand prior to pulling off the combo in order to break the first rune. Otherwise, it will be likely that your opponent anticipates your plan and removes your key combo pieces or heals for a few health points so that you can’t break the first rune. If you face a lot of support removal (destroying your only OTK win condition), you can alternatively use creatures providing you with contracts to pull off the entire combo in one turn (Ring of Namira, 2 Dawnstar Healer: 7 + 2×3 = 13).


Helpful Cards

In contrast to many combo decklists that have a more or less fixed deck build, there is no such thing as the perfect Namiras OTK Monk list (as far as I am concerned). Instead, you are free to build your own deck around the mentioned key cards as you see fit according to the current Meta you are facing or the cards available in your collection. Nevertheless, the following cards might prove useful to pull off the combo, to help you assemble the necessary combo pieces and/ or to survive long enough to get a chance to play the combo:

Keep in mind that you have to survive the early rounds to reach the later game in order to pull off the combo, hence a balanced build with sufficient low-cost creatures for board control and other early defense tools is highly advised.


Helpful Deck Lists

There is a variety of Namira’s OTK Monk deck builds available on and it is not in the scope of this article to discuss or showcase them all. Nevertheless, the following list depicts a few examples of selected builds from experienced players that might prove useful in building your own deck or testing the available ones. Some of them provide detailed information on the specific deck build that can help you to better pilot their decks.

Deck builds without Ebonheart Oracle:

Deck builds with Ebonheart Oracle:

Budget-ify deck builds:

Hlaalu decklist:


The Blood Warriors as a guild wish you all the best with your games! Have a great laddering experience and remember to have fun! Get ready for another Combo, Wombo – BAM list soon.

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