Deckbuilding Reference Sheet: Tutors

How can you get value from tutors in deckbuilding? With the new cards from The Elder Scrolls Legends FrostSpark Collection, you are now looking to build a completely new deck?

  • You have play-tested your new baby a little bit, but your opponent always gets card advantage or runs under your curve and beats you down? Maybe add more Guards or more card draw?
  • Your combo pieces are not making it consistently enough to your hands? You feel your deck already has enough card draw? Or maybe not?

In all such cases, you might want at add some Tutors into your decks.

We have gone through all the Tutors available in The Elder Scrolls Legends and put them in a searchable table for you to use as a reference sheet when building decks.

Since we need the entire width of the screen to display all the details in a table, please click here:

Tutors in TESL – A Reference Sheet

This deckbuilding reference sheet provides a comprehensive overview of all Tutors in The Elder Scrolls Legends. This includes both “real” Tutors, but also Pseudo-Tutors. Please refer to Tutors in TESL – The Basics for more information about the different types of Tutors, as we have defined them.

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