The FrostSpark Collection is Evolution, not Revolution

The FrostSpark Collection is currently entering the meta of The Elder Scrolls Legends. After the release of the Houses of Morrowind expansion, this is the first bigger set of cards the player base has been awaiting anxiously. The designers have focussed on providing some interesting new mechanics that can be used to counter some of the current meta game and maybe swing some underplayed archetypes back into play. The FrostSpark Collection does not contain cards that would be capable of defining new deck archetypes. Previous promo expansions, like the Madhouse Collection, as well as the Forgotten Heroes Collection included cards like:

  • Swindler’s Market, that gave us Market Archer or Market Assassin decks,
  • Altar of Despair, that gave us Altar decks, or
  • Gardener of Swords, that pushed Item Battlemage or Item Assassin decks,
  • Tuillius’ Conscription, which gave us Three Color Conscription decks,
  • Ulfric’s Uprising and Doppelganger, which gave us Nix-Ox Combo decks.

Note, that the Forgotten Hero Collection alone wasn’t capable of pushing Nix-Ox or Conscription decks to Tier 1 or 2. It needed the Houses of Morrowind to make some of these cards shine across the last 6 months.

While some players might be disappointed that there might be no new meta-defining cards, FrostSpark contains cards that can fit in current Tier 1 and 2 decks, while also providing a push to decks and archetypes that are not so often seen on the ladder or in the tournament scene. I personally think this is a good strategy as it will keep the game, the Twitch streams and the emerging tournament scene interesting (are we not all sick of watching another Warrior Aggro mirror, or a mid-range Telvanni playing Redoran Conscription or Nix-Ox combo decks?). And it is not long before another Story expansion, The Isle of Madness hits the meta and thus might give FrostSpark cards another interesting swing.

FrostSpark is not a revolution. It’s an evolution. It gives players an option to fine tune their deck lists they like and are familiar with, while also allowing some new experiments. FrostSpark is also a commitment from Bethesda to support The Elder Scrolls Legends as a Free-to-Play game, as it can be purchased with 1500 in-game gold. has collected an in-depth review of all the cards and given their view on strength and weaknesses of the individual cards using Quadrant Theory. The following table is a summary of this evaluation which is certainly subjective.

Using quadrant theory to evaluate the FrostSpark Collection

CardOpeningParityWinningLosing/ Turnaround
Piercing Twilight4433
Apex Wolf1344
Karthspire Scout32 32
Green Pact Ambusher4323
Torval Extortionist3442
Destruction Tutor3333
Death Hound4443
Sword of the Inferno5432
Wilds Incarnate1444

Do you agree or disagree? Have we overlooked something or is their a huge mistake in the evaluations? We would like to know and invite you to share your opinions and your feedback in the comments below.

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