Daily Archive: November 2, 2018


The FrostSpark Collection is Evolution, not Revolution

The FrostSpark Collection is currently entering the meta of The Elder Scrolls Legends. After the release of the Houses of Morrowind expansion, this is the first bigger set of cards the player base has been awaiting anxiously. The designers have focussed on providing some interesting new mechanics that can be used to counter some of the current meta game and...


Wilds Incarnate Moose – Uses and Synergies – FrostSpark

The final card reveal for The Elder Scrolls Legends FrostSpark Collection is Wilds Incarnate, lovingly named The Moose by many. The Moose is a 7-cost 5/6 Neutral Beast with Guard and a pretty interesting Summon effect: Draw a card if you have four runes. Draw an additional card if you have five runes. Wilds Incarnate aka “The Moose” comes with...