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Hail and Well Met!

This week, the Blood Warriors Guild is bringing you a theme – deck in time for Halloween! The guild ran another fun competition with Skeleton, Vampire and Mummy decks. In the voting, there was one clear winner:

Chesthams Trick or Treat Unite the Houses Hlaalu deck is a lot of fun to play and also thematic for the upcoming holiday. Also, a big thanks to Chesthams for doing this write-up; good job buddy!

Deck overview

With Halloween being this week, this deck was built around the theme of the Holiday. Trick-or-Treat. Trick your opponents many ways. By stealing their cards, by pilfering creature stat gains, and by Uniting the Houses, when they probably think your just a regular Hlaalu aggro list. You can also treat your opponent to a delicious sweet roll.



As with any Unite the Houses deck, one of your goals is to get a card in play from each of the five color groups. The downside to this win condition is it’s RNG based, and when the RNG is treating you bad, you can’t win. That’s why this deck was built with an mid-aggro base, which gives you multiple ways to finish your opponent. With this is mind, your strategy may change depending on card draw, and how your opponent is playing. Haunted Manor is a key card in the unite strategy. It has three of five colors you need in play to unite. It is difficult to remove. It helps you grow your undersized creatures later in the game to provide defense while milling for the Blue Intelligence & Purple Endurance cards you need to complete your unite win.

Early game

Look to summon and buff cheap creatures that can answers the threats you opponent plays. This is going to be particularly important against aggressive decks, since the Unite the Houses win condition is almost always going to happen turn 6 and on. While doing this, you can also use your RNG based cards to get cheap cards of the two colors your deck doesn’t have. Use cards like Cornerclub Gambler and Hlaalu Oathman to get early card draw. Always remember staying alive and building a board presence is more important early on than working for Unite, so don’t try and build your hand too much until you are relatively free from threats. If you’re facing minimal on board threats, go ahead and swing face. This should put your opponent on defensive, and allow you to use non-creature RNG cards more freely as part of mid-game strategy.

Mid game

Once you have board presence, now you should more aggressively hunt for cards to unite with, as well as unite itself if you don’t already have it. Cards like Plunder and Smuggler’s Haul are key to getting those blue/purple cards you need. If you have Haunted Manor in hand, now is time to play it so you can buff your cheap creatures, and have those three colors on board ready for a unite play. If you are not threatened, and have cards in hand, keep attacking your opponent. You don’t need to unite to win, and while it’s fun, you shouldn’t look to make it your primary win condition unless your confident you’ll have combo in a few turns.

Late game

If you haven’t killed you opponent by now, Unite the Houses is probably your best option for a win. And if your facing a really controlling deck, you’ll wanna try and do it in one turn. This is where Chodala’s Treachery and Wabbajack can really come into play. If you have combo in hand, but can’t play all the cards in same turn, wait until you can, or summon less threatening creatures you hope your opponent won’t remove.


  • Unite the Houses – 3-cost card that wins you the game if you have a card in play from each of the 5 card colors. This only includes creatures, items, and supports. Actions played that turn go straight to the discard pile and do not count. This requires some RNG to go in your favor, so here are the cards in this deck that support getting cards from the Blue & Purple houses.
  • Haunted Manor – any Halloween themed deck needs a Haunted House, and this card gives you three colors needed for United the Houses.

Card Theft

This deck doesn’t contain a lot of good creatures, and your opponent probably has better cards than you. So on top of getting you needed colors, which depends on your opponents deck, these cards usually get you a good card to play.

  • Blackmail – Fun card, only one cost. While technically not a “Steal”, you are grabbing a copy of opponents card to use against them, so close enough. Great for using that extra 1 or 2 Magicka on your turn.
  • Barter – I love this card against control decks, and it’s a great target for Cornerclub Gambler against aggro. When playing control/combo decks look to give them 0-cost garbage, or an RNG card you don’t want in exchange for their key card, combo card, or removal card they are holding. You can also give them an extra Unite the Houses, and chances are they’ll be stuck with that card all game.
  • Thieves Guild Shadowfoot – similar to barter, but also gives you creature on board. This card can also play well when you are about to break a rune, by taking that prophecy card off the top of their deck.
  • Chodala’s Treachery – use this to grab and big threat from opponent late game, remove guard, or grab a color you need for Unite. Fun to play, aggravating to play against.

RNG Cards

Without these, you’ll rarely be able to play unite.

  • Mudcrab Merchant – play early, take blue or purple permanent if its offered, or just give your opponent the worst of the two cards.
  • Plunder – your best option for procuring a Blue Permanent. There are a lot of blue items, and a lot of the other RNG cards in this deck have no option for a blue card for unite. Items also work well for buffing your creatures and fighting aggro decks.
  • Eldergleam Matron – Good hitter, and can snag you a purple animal. Sadly there are no blue animals, but many animals are situationally good cards.
  • Moonmoth Castellen – Helps keep guards in hand against aggro, and give you color options for unite. Remember to activate plot mechanic whenever possible.
  • Shivering Apothecary – Random elixirs can come in any color!
  • Wabbajack – Because we play this game to have fun, and this card is a lot of that. Plus random cards come in any color!
  • Smugglers Haul – can give you lots of free unite options for filling the board. No blues, but even so, you’ll have plenty of material and options for controlling and uniting from this card.

Supporting Players

  • Bruma Profiteer – gain health to get that extra turn you need to unite.
  • Fifth Legion Trainer – best yellow 2-drop in in game. No explanation needed.
  • Nord Firebrands & Raiding Party – For making trades or pinging wards or hitting face. Versatile free card for lots of functions.
  • Grisly Gourmet – who doesn’t love turning good cards into delicious treats? Great threat removal option for shadow lane. Coupled with Cloudrest Illusionist, and some of the 0-costs you’ll get.
  • Corner Club Gambler – great card draw option. Use her to throw away an extra
  • Unite the Houses, you’ll never need more than one. Barter and Nord Firebrands are also good targets.
  • Ahnassi – has two colors, and is pretty much the best card in any Hlaalu deck.
  • Duke Vedam Dren – great for pulling unite from your deck late in game.

Tech Options

Cards you could also include by removing others. For all cards 5-cost and lower, you should always try to swap like cost cards.

  • Balmora Puppeteer – three colors and can get really big later in game if you are playing a lot of 0-costs.
  • Suran Pawnbroker – good early play, and 0-cost card you get from plot can help with unite.
  • Crusader’s Assault – Card draw, oh and drawing cards.
  • Gentleman Jim Stacey – if you wanna get really silly, this card adds some fun
  • Heroic Rebirth – RNG yourself a really good card.

And that’s the Halloween deck!

The Blood Warriors as a guild wish you all the best with your games! Have a great Halloween, a fun laddering-experience and remember to have fun! Get ready for another list next week.

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