Torval Extortionist – Uses, Synergies and Counterplays

DragonTamerBlayde revealed the sixth card of the FrostSpark Collection, the new promo expansion in The Elder Scrolls Legends: Torval Extortionist. It is a perfect fit for him, as he loves playing Slay decks!


Torval is a city in Tamriel, in southwestern Elsweyr that appeared in Elder Scrolls Arena.



a person who tries to obtain something through force or violence; a racketeer.

Torval Extortionist is a 5-cost Khajiit with 7/5 from the green Agility attribute. The Khajiit comes with the following Slay-ability: “Gain magicka this turn equal to the slain creature’s cost.” So, for every time he slays, you gain magicka to play more cards.

Torval Extortionist The Elder Scrolls Legends FrostSpark Collection

While the value of some of the other cards in FrostSpark is still in some debate, most people do agree on this one. Torval Extortionist will change the meta to make mid-range more popular again. Several players are saying on Twitter or Reddit: “This card is insane”. I think the funniest comment was: “Can you nerf it before it’s released?”

So let’s look at him, and let us find some counterplays as well…

Quadrant Theory for Torval Extortionist


During the very early opening of the game, you obviously cannot play Torval Extortionist due to his cost of 5 magicka. Torval Extortionist also does not have an immediate effect when played, like other creatures with a permanent or a summon effect.

But when you get him on board, be assured to get your opponent’s immediate attention. Very likely will you see a hard removal coming his way. Here are some good news: Lightning Bolt, Devour, Execute, Firebolt, Ice Storm all don’t kill him. Piercing Javelin, Edict of Azura or Fell the Mighty would, though. So, that’s some options but also not too many. The 5 health are doing a lot for why he is such a good card.

The great thing is, if no hard removal or shackle is headed his way, you will be directly en-route to the Winning quadrant. Hence, you should probably attempt to exhaust your opponent’s hard removal, before playing him. Actually, even if your opponent silences him, this is not a catastrophe. So, yes, Torval Extortionist is that good!


During Parity, between turns 4-7, if you draw him as a top deck and both players are out of cards in their hand: Congratulations, awesome! Your opponent’s top deck draw needs to give him a 5-power creature or a hard removal. If he doesn’t get that or at least more card draw, you will possibly be on a 3-turn clock to victory to winning!

Note: at this point, you also want to quickly get more cards in hand, because his Slay-ability will let you play something bigger and more powerful:

  • Slay a 7-cost creature with him on your turn 8 and you will have 15 magicka to spend.
  • Assume, you Slay a 4-cost creature on turn 5 or 6. You could then already play Tazkad – the Packmaster or Aspect of Hircine. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I sure think so…


If you are already in Winning, Torval Extortionist will totally support your game plan. While playing him will not have an immediate effect, he is just such a massive body. Your opponent cannot possibly ignore him, because if he sticks, he will let you play more and more cards. This will likely keep you rolling, even if you are no going directly for face. And if he doesn’t stick, your other creatures will likely get another swing in.

Losing/ Turnaround

When you are losing the game, he will not have an immediate effect to stop your opponent. When you are on a 2-turn clock on the road to defeat, he might not be enough to remove all the creatures you need removed, unless he is complimented by some other cards that help him. For example, those could be giving him Charge or Guard to allow favourable trades in one lane. There are a few better cards when you are losing, like a Dawn’s Wrath or an Immolating blast to mass remove creatures. Torval Extortioner might, however, be an important piece in getting you the turnaround.

Now that we know, how good he is, we can try and make him even better by surrounding him with cards that give more consistent wins. Also some meme-options exist if you are in for the fun. And finally, you should think about some counter plays, as he will definitely see lots of play after FrostSpark is released.



Clearly, Brotherhood Sanctuary is a great option to double, triple or even quadruple his slay effect. An interesting OTK deck could be to use the Extortioner to get to an absurd amount of magicka in one turn and play Dragon Cult Ghost as a 30/30 creature from hand. I can see YouTube videos being created with that… Not sure, that the deck will be viable on the ladder, but certainly a fun thing to accomplish. More down-to-earth but also very strong is when Lucien Lachance takes the Extortioner to a brawl.

Finally, if you are getting to play an Unstoppable Rage in Archer or Hlaalu to be played on him, this can be a fun turn for you as well if you have some additional powerhouses in hand.

Strike Monk

If you want to use the Extortioner’s sheer power and don’t care so much about the Slay attribute a Monk Strike and a Swift Strike will deal 20 damage and gain back 20 life. For 8 magicka, you can add-in a Shadowmaster to protect the Extortioner from removal for one turn in the Shadows, when no Guard is in your opponent’s Field lane. Deadly Strike!

With Haafingar Marauder in play you could be equipping up to 2 additional items which might be a decent OTK option.


Another interesting effect will be to use items that let him battle against creatures. Stendar’s Hammer in Archer or Umbra in House Hlaalu are good examples. Make sure you can also equip an improvised Breakthrough to let the Extortioner deal face-damage as well.

Duke Vedam Dren


Duke Vedam Dren, who has actually been improved in the last “nerf” will be the last option we shall look for today. It’s a complete meme, but I am just waiting for the first YouTube video of both Duke Vedam Dren and the Extortioner on board, where the Executioner slays Ancano, and a Nord Firebrand is played to pull Alduin to hand… Oh, this would take months to film, lol…

Wait, does this also work with smaller creatures than Alduin? Duke Vedam Dren finally entering the meta…?! 😉


To summarise: Torval Extortioner will be a good addition to classic Slay Scout, he will equally help Strike or Shadowmaster Monk and he can also find a home in midrange Hlaalu or Dagoth decks. Another spicy card from the FrostSpark collection to finally shake up the TES Legends meta!


Oh wait, the counterplays… Here are a few. My absolute favourite meme is Mecinar’s Will into a Siege Catapult or a Bleakcost Troll in the same lane. I will give Stealer Monk a chance … 😉


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