A Life of Crime Scout – Weekly Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met!

The Blood Warriors Guild is back with another installment of the weekly deck!

This week the Guild-vote landed on Scout, the most beautiful looking color-combo but that’s besides the point. After careful deck-building and a majority consensus we decided on a Slay and Pilfer list that provides consistent threats throughout all stages of the game. Here is the deck list on legends-decks.com.

The Deck

The deck functions in quite a basic way, play powerful on curve creatures and then utilise the slay and pilfer mechanics to spiral the game out of control in your favour. This list has a powerful feel to it and members of the Blood Warriors have piloted this deck across a variety of ranks, even securing legend level wins.

General Strategy

Early game we are looking for great value cheap cards like Jiub, Morag Tong Aspirant, Barrow Stalker, Morag Tong Assassin, or Young Mammoth.

Jiub and Morag Tong Aspirant are incredibly powerful if managed to be combined with either The Night Mother or Morag Tong Assassin on turn 2. If you already have two of these valuable cards, Bleakcoast Troll or Brotherhood Sanctuary become amazing follow ups. Morag Tong Aspirant with one or two Brotherhood Sanctuarys get out of control very quickly unless Ice Storm or Arrow Storm is played on curve.
Once we have board control we start playing dirty. Cards like Thieves’ Den combine insanely with Skooma Underboss to turn an innocent board into a buffed-up-outta-control-monstrosity. No matter where you attack creatures get larger. Thieves’ Den + Skooma Underboss + Brotherhood Sanctuary rapidly powers creatures to gigantic proportions in single turns. Further synergy is Brynjolf and all pilfers including Thieves’ Den allowing you to cycle through creatures faster than your opponent.

Slay Package

  • Brotherhood Sanctuary – Very strong when played with Slay creatures already on board,
  • Jiub – A serious threat if combined with any card producing a Target,
  • Morag Tong Aspirant – If it succeeds even once unhindered becomes a serious threat. Trading with Brotherhood Sanctuary on board creates two copies to spiral the game even more in your favour,
  • Morag Tong Assassin – An amazing card when you need to proc a Slay effect, or a great turn two in an empty lane.
  • Skooma Underboss – Make your Pilfer effects now Slay also. A key card that merges the two packages nicely.
  • The Night Mother – Provides a single Slay every turn if you have the creature, and if the final effect triggers can easily win games.
  • Astrid – Lethal and stored magicka generation. What’s not to like?
  • Brotherhood Slayer – Contract generation and a decent prophecy body.
  • Blackwood Distiller – Another card that merges the two packages, this time both with beautiful effects that benefit the game plan of overwhelming your opponent. Gaining magicka is always a good thing in this deck.
  • Bleakcoast Troll – Possibly the best statted creature with no downside in the game. And the constant growth makes board defense a difficult option.
  • Lucien Lachance – When on board makes your creatures rapidly grow, especially with Brotherhood Sanctuary in play.
  • Pahmar-raht Renegade – Survivable stats and good card draw at a magicka cost when we might be needing the draw.
  • Naryu Virian – A good card to play when you need the Target generation to trigger your Slay mechanics.

Pilfer Package

  • Skooma Underboss – Turns the Pilfer synergies into workable Slay effects.
  • Blackwood Distiller – +3 magicka gain is awesome for ramping more things faster. And with Skooma Underboss in play, it gets very crazy fast.
  • Thieves’ Den – Crucial to buffing many creatures as quickly as possible. With multiple in play, creatures grown by a minimum of +2/+2 a turn.
  • Brynjolf – Drain and magicka gain through Pilfer triggering.
  • Quin-rawl Burglar – With Skooma Underboss in play this can grow to massive proportions even without hitting the opponent’s face.
  • Sails-Through-Storms – Easy to trigger with Underboss in play and pulls more cards to synergise with.

Impactful Cards

  • Barrow Stalker – Possibly one of the best 2-cost card in game, easy to use defensively or on curve.
  • Siege Catapult – Lane flood is quite easy to accomplish and punching for 5 a turn is a strong turn.
  • Young Mammoth – The Breakthrough really shines on this card when Thieve’s Den and Skooma Underboss are in play, double proc-ing on each attack the Breakthrough triggers.
  • Sanctuary Pet – A stall tool that can deal with any threat except ward. Useful at any stage in the game.
  • Tazkad – the Packmaster – One of the best finishing cards in the game.

The Blood Warriors as a guild wish you all the best with your games! Have a great laddering experience and remember to have fun! Get ready for another list next week.

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