Daily Archive: October 24, 2018


Karthspire Scout – Uses and Synergies

The Justin Larson revealed the fourth card of the Frostspark Collection: Karthspire Scout, a 1-cost 1/1 Orc in the purple Endurance attribute. The card has an interesting Last gasp effect: it draws a card but increases the cost of that card by one magicka. Hm, is this good? Should you play it? I think the answer is yes – let’s...


A Life of Crime Scout – Weekly Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met! The Blood Warriors Guild is back with another installment of the weekly deck! This week the Guild-vote landed on Scout, the most beautiful looking color-combo but that’s besides the point. After careful deck-building and a majority consensus we decided on a Slay and Pilfer list that provides consistent threats throughout all stages of the game. Here...