TESL Community Member – Masculine Bulldog

Time for another interview with a member of The Elder Scrolls Legends community!

Today, it’s your chance to learn more about Izacc who is known as Masculine Bulldog in The Elder Scrolls Legends. Izacc is a Council Member in the Blood Warriors Guild and takes on multiple responsibilities within the guild – one of them is to organize and promote the guild’s weekly deck builds, which are also featured on legends-decks.com. It is people like him, who make The Elder Scrolls Legends community a great and fun experience. But please read for yourself: being asked to provide a photo or avatar of some sort that represents him here on this interview, this is what what I got:

Isn’t that simply amazing? A Warrior Masculine Bulldog that turns into a Scared Bulldog when damaged and runs off every time it has no guard to protect it? I love it.

But let’s get to know Izacc a little bit better…

Hello Izacc, thank you for taking the time today. What is your TESL gamer name and why did you choose it?

I go by MasculineBulldog online and have for many years. I wanted a cool sounding name for FPS games and it kinda just stuck.

It certainly does. So, what about you real life? What’s keeping you busy when you are not on TESL?

I am currently doing University but I am in a committed relationship and my girlfriend is more than welcome to distract me from Legends.

Tell us a little bit about how you started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends?

I started playing TESL after receiving an email about a CCG that was starting up. I had been playing Hearthstone a lot at this point and decided to give TESL a shot. I loved the game immediately, though I left it for over a year mainly due to such an investment in Hearthstone. About four months ago I came back due to Hearthstone becoming a really stale and toxic environment. Been here since.

When was the first time you reached Legend rank on the ladder?

I hit Legend rank for the first time the first full month I came back, so July I believe. I had a limited collection so I made a budget list. Prophecy Battlemage which was efficient enough for me to grind from rank 12. I spent a lot of time in game that month, haha.

Can you look back on any previous card game experience?

I played Hearthstone for about 4 years, and I got pretty good but never dedicated enough time to reach Legend rank in that. I also preferred meme-y decks over the meta lists so I balanced out my wins a lot.

Have you played in any TESL tournaments?

No, haven’t had the pleasure. I have thought about it, but I think I’ll leave that to the pros and support them from the sidelines.

Aggro – Midrange – Control? What’s your favorite playing style and why?

Does Combo fall under Control? I am an aggro player at heart. I find it very difficult to have the restraint not to punch them in the face, though that might be from Hearthstone habits. I find the decision-making in aggro decks comes naturally and the deck flows well in my hand. But with so many aggro games I got a little bored of the repetition. I managed to get into contact with BloodDrunk007 who opened my eyes to the fun nature of the Combo decks and now I build all kinds of wacky lists and you can see me on Ladder with them.

What’s currently your favorite deck?

My favorite list right now would have to be Token Chicken decks. Not exactly a single deck I know, haha. But the key idea is to play Prized Chicken with Corsair Ship or other creature buffs and kill off my own chicken. Things can easily get out of control and it is a lot of fun.


…and what’s your all time favorite?

My all time favorite is a Unite the Houses mage that I used my second time I hit legend to climb the entirety of rank 1. It is surprisingly efficient and lots of fun once you get the hang of the deck. My win rate was ever pushing over 80% at one point at Legend rank. Just a lot of fun.

A question relating to Quadrant Theory  – Let’s assume for a minute that you were a TESL card. What quadrant would you have your greatest strengths in? Would it be  in Opening/ Developing, in Parity, in Winning or in Losing/ Turnaround?    

I like to think it would be in Parity. I would like to say that in an evenly matched scenario I am good at playing for the advantage and gaining a dominant position.

What TESL title are you most proud of and which one are you usually bearing?

Along with my Unite the Houses love comes “The Hortator” mainly to display my love for the deck.

What’s your view on some of the game-breaking mechanics, like Nix-Ox Combo, Unstoppable Rage, or Magicka Ramp?

I don’t believe they are game breaking, per se, rather frustrating to deal with. Unstoppable Rage is probably the most frustrating of these as it is a single card. The Nix-Ox Combo is (other than pretty dead right now) a highly skill intensive combo and a remarkable combo to pull off. I have never really been frustrated by it. As for Magicka Ramp, it is strong but the deck takes a hit by running it. The magicka gain is typically inside weak tempo cards that sometimes you can’t even play because that tempo loss could lose you the game. I see them more as something to deck build around and create ways to defeat them.

Do you play them yourself?

I do play them but not too often. Its mainly just because its not as fun as some wacky combos. But whenever I build a Strength deck that is combo-based, I have an Unstoppable Rage in there for survivability.

Of all the combos in the game, what’s your favorite one and why?

Of all the combos, the Dremora Markynaz combo has to be my favourite. The list is on the Blood Warriors Guild Legend-Decks page and I believe on this blog, too. The goal is to stick just one big creature on turn 11 or after, then play Dremora Markynaz and A Night to Remember and just blow that creature up to insane proportions. Even now the deck is still viable and a lot of fun to pull off.
A really close second is Ring of Namira OTK. I fell in love with Ring of Namira as a card and have tried to make lists with it in many ways. Double Dawnstar Healer into runebreak is just a lot of fun.

What is your view on the current state of TESL?

Currently the meta is really unfun for a lot of wacky combo creators like me. But that just adds another level of challenge to be puzzled out. Tullius’ Conscription is really punishing slow decks and completely closes out Aggro games that go too long. So you need to design a deck that either wins before the card is played, or can deal with it. So I guess the current state of the game is the most difficult for deck builders to participate in, but as time goes on more solutions and diversity should appear again.

What is your opinion on how Bethesda is evolving the game and the TESL community?

Bethesda is currently doing a great job. There was a bit of a trying time, but you just need to look at the patch notes to see the lengths they are going to, to polish and improve the game. The community has either been against or for with no in-between, and this set them against each other. But we are getting a single community once again.

If you had one wish for the game, what feature, card or card mechanic would you like to see implemented?

I wish you could add lane conditions for friendly matches. This would open tournament options as well as fun times between friends. Basically, Chaos Arena for friends. But I also think a “Mirror” mechanic could be cool. When you play this creature, summon a copy for your opponent. Creates a lot of interesting card concepts.

What’s your role in the TESL community and what’s driving you?

Currently, I am a part of the Blood Warriors Guild as one of the decision makers. I love doing it as it means I feel like I can encourage positive action and participation in a game I love to play. I oversee organizing the weekly deck the guild publishes so my inner deck builder gets to have some fun.

In 6 months, where do you want to be with this?

I would like to be a respected authority on deck building choices and ideas. As well as a creative channel that perhaps Bethesda could draw upon for story missions or card creation.

Which content creators do you follow?

I follow BloodDrunk007, GicaForta, and floWMega mostly. Your blog, too. Currently my time has been so taken that I haven’t had much chance to just sit back and enjoy though.

To close this interview – what message would you like share with the readers of tesl.blog?

What a great game we get to play! Remember it is a game, have fun and search out all the cool interactions and card combinations and don’t get disheartened if things don’t work out. Keep at it, you’re all awesome.

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