Piercing Twilight – Uses and Synergies

Piercing Twilight

Piercing Twilight is a 4-cost Daedra from The Frostspark Collection. The epic creature comes right on curve with a power and health of 4 and the Guard keyword. Most notably, the Daedra also provides a powerful summon effect: you can pick a card from your opponent’s discard pile and banish all cards from your opponent’s deck and discard pile with the same name.

This makes Piercing Twilight a great card to remove a card you opponent already played at least once from their deck, and that is now in their discard pile. Piercing Twilight can banish actions, support, items and creatures. The Daedra does not, however, remove any copies of the card in your opponent’s hand – only from discard pile and the draw deck.

This card was released to impact the meta which during the months of May until October 2018 was heavily influenced by Nix-Ox combo decks, by decks running three copies of Tullius’ Conscription and many 1-2 cost creatures, as well as by decks running Unstoppable Rage.

Possible uses are:

Removing Cards with powerful one-time effects

While the card has a limited effect only against Singleton decks, it can help remove Giant Bats that you don’t want to be coming back, or Tullius’ Conscription, or Nix-Ox or Unstoppable Rage or other very powerful cards.

Removing Prophecy Cards or Removal Actions

Another interesting option is to be removing prophecy cards such as Lightning Bolt (especially when your own health is below 4), removing cards with Reach, such as Cliff Racer, or removal cards such as Piercing Javelin, Edict of Azura or Mummifies.

Removing pivotal pieces of Combo Decks

Piercing Twilight can also be used to remove combo pieces from your opponent’s decks. A more subtle move is to banish cards your opponent might need to dig faster through their deck. In this case, you’d want to banish cards like Indoril Masterminds or Merchant Camel.


Stopping Snowball-Effects that shuffle back into deck

TESLegends has several “snowball-effect” cards that are shuffling copies of the same creature back into the deck. A few examples are Skeever Infestation, Galyn The Shelterer, Elusive Schemer or Therana.


The card provides additional value, when built into a deck with cards that have synergy to the summon effect. To get more value out of Piercing Twilight, the following cards should be considered when building your deck:

  • Neutral: A Night to Remember, Ulfric’s Uprising
  • Intelligence: Brilliant Experiment, Dark Rebirth, Doppelganger
  • Willpower (Mage, Tribunal Temple): Winterhold Illusionist
  • House Telvanni: Divath’s Experiments

Very excited to see more cards of the Frostspark collection being revealed over the next days. Please come back in the next days to read more about other new cards being revealed.


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