Bethesda announces the FrostSpark Collection

Today, Bethesda announced Frostspark, a new 11 card expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends for the price of 9.99 USD or 1500 gold (non-premium). Frostspark will also be released as a fully premium version that can be purchased for 19.99 USD (but not for gold). They explained on the weekly TESLegends twitch stream that the expansion will help mitigate some current issues in the meta.

They also leaked the first card which is called Piercing Twilight. The 4-cost Daedra is a 4/4 with Guard providing a powerful summon effect: you can pick a card from your opponent’s discard pile and banish all cards from your opponent’s deck and discard pile with the same name.

A great card to remove a card you opponent already played from his deck being now in their discard pile, leaving possibly only one or more copies in their hand, but removing all other copies from discard pile and the draw deck. While the card has a limited effect only against Singleton decks, it can help remove Giant Bats that you don’t want to be coming back, or Tullius’ Conscription, or Nix-Ox or Unstoppable Rage or other very powerful cards. It can also banish cards your opponent might need to dig faster through their deck, so the Piercing Twilight can also be really effective against Combo decks.

More community reveals will occur over the next days and weeks – the next one actually tomorrow during the Teamrankstar tournament.

A definitive release date was not yet announced but it’s not far away and Frostspark will come out before Isle of Madness. Exciting times for Legends players…

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