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TESL.blog recently had the opportunity to interview another member of The Elder Scrolls Legends community – SpoilerULose. While bringing a wide range of card game experience with him, Andrew only started to play TESLegends three or four months ago, after looking to re-engage with Hearthstone. He has pretty quickly advanced across the ranks on ladder and is currently playing in the top 100 legends. Pretty amazing achievement, and interesting to hear his advice on how to achieve that….

Hello Andrew! Thank you for taking the time today to talk to us. Let’s first start with your In-Game-Name. How would we know it’s you on the other side of the TESL board? 

My IGN is “SpoilerULoseTV”. Either my gamer tag got stolen or I had an ESO account and forgot the password *laughs*.

What about you real life? What’s keeping you busy when you are not on TESL?

I have three children and work from home to be in their lives as much as possible. I tutor in English, Maths and IT. I also coach boxing occasionally. I’ve considered coaching in Legends but I want to improve my tournament performance first. I do help people with laddering quite often. 

Tell us a little bit about how you started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends?

I actually went to re-download another card game that I gave up previously and accidentally stumbled across TESL. I had no idea this game even existed until maybe three or four months ago. Decided to give it a try because I didn’t want to start all over again on the old card game where cards get frequently rotated out. It was just pure accident I happened by this in the Google play store. Been loving it ever since.

When was the first time you reached Legend rank on the ladder?

Well, during the first month I mostly played the different story modes and did the puzzles etc. I hit rank 5 with an Uprising Shout Scout. During the second month of playing the game (after watching the Master series) I took Karakondzhul’s Warrior straight to legend rank. At first, I had no idea what I was doing with the deck, but I had no choice but to continue playing it as I didn’t have a massive card collection then. Eventually I started to learn why the deck was so good and learned how to play around what the opponent could potentially do.

This season, I am currently in the top 100 legend players. Which I never even expected to reach, ever. I’m mostly experimenting with my own decks right now.

What tips would you give new players of The Elder Scrolls Legends if they wanted to reach legend rank in an equally short amount of time?

It’s hard if you are starting out with a limited card collection. I would suggest if you really want to get to legend rank to check out some meta reports, look through the best decks in the game and pick the one you like the look of the most. Then build your collection towards that deck. Once you have it, just practice a lot. Eventually you will know the deck so well and exactly how to play it in any match-up. A lot of players switch decks constantly so you will have the upper hand if you practice just one.

Can you look back on any previous card game experience?

Sure, MTG as a physical card game. I was terrible at it. Awful! Just plain bad! The Pokemon trading card game on Gameboy, Yu-gi-oh and Hearthstone was my first introduction to playing a card game online. However, I gave it up because I didn’t like how cards rotated out pretty quick and just felt the RNG was a bit too much for me. Also the Meta got quite stale when cards got rotated out.

I love the variety of TESL.

Have you played in any TESL tournaments?

…Yeah. *Fakes to start crying*

Uhm, okay, okay, let’s keep that topic for another day in the future. Although I think having the guts and trying to compete in Tournaments is a great thing and losing a few games in the process feels pretty natural to me.

So, wow about Aggro,  Midrange or Control? What’s your favorite playing style and why?

Most people think I just like aggro but I actually like all the playing styles. I usually joke and say “I just pay to win and hit face”.  On the ladder, I like aggro the best, just to get to where I’m going quickly and not take too long in games. When I make a deck I love mid-range the best. If Withered Hand Cultist and Garnag wasn’t so popular right now I’d probably bring control line ups to tournament.

 What’s currently your favorite deck?

I’ve been memeing it out with a dragon deck that I made. Surprised I haven’t been knocked down to legend rank 9,000 yet.

 …and what’s your all time favorite?

Anything with the least amount of RNG. Although I do usually run: “One token RNG card to rule them all” kind of deal.

A question relating to Quadrant Theory  – Let’s assume for a minute that you were a TESL card. What quadrant would you have your greatest strengths in? Would it be  in Opening/ Developing, in Parity, in Winning or in Losing/ Turnaround?    

I’m sure I’ve heard of this Quadrant Theory *laughs*. I love all the quadrants. I guess I would be an all-rounder?

And what’s your favourite cards for the various quadrants?

Ald Velothi assassin is the perfect opener for me if she goes unanswered. In Parity I like Gortwog gro-Nagorm as he can just fill your lanes up while they don’t have an answer. Unstoppable Rage is so much fun to win with when ladder opponents don’t expect it. And in Losing Red Bramman is pretty cool when you just want to stall out then use things like Night to Remember and Uprising’s to keep squeezing value out of him. It’s just a shame Uprising Scout doesn’t really see play that much anymore.

 What TESL title are you most proud of and which one are you usually bearing?

I’m using the Master of Assassin’s title. One of the easiest titles to get but I love it because I was a huge fan of the Dark Brotherhood quest line in Skyrim. Possibly the best quest line I ever did in a game ever. I even really liked the Dark Brotherhood story in TESL as well. The whole theme of my avatar and card backs is all Brotherhood-related. The funny thing is: I can’t play assassin to save my life in this game.

What’s your view on some of the game-breaking mechanics, like Nix-Ox Combo, Unstoppable Rage, or Magicka Ramp?

I always say “Don’t fear the deck, fear the player”. With a good player, it doesn’t matter what they play to be honest. They’ll still get you! Rage is easy to play around, there’s even a whole article about it!

I usually just aim to kill the Nix-Ox by turn 8 or 9. It’s not even really played much right now. Ramp has been in card games for a long time – nothing new there really. And if you can’t beat them, join them.

 So, why do you play them yourself?

I love Unstoppable Rage because it’s a fun gimmick. I don’t play Nix-Ox because apparently the new client broke it and I’m mostly on mobile phone anyways. Sometimes I use Ramp, sometimes I don’t. It  depends on the deck and if it needs it to be viable.

 Of all the combos in the game, what’s your favorite one and why?

Oh god, I made a meme shackle assassin deck. The combo involved: Dres tormentor, Winter’s grasp and Assassin’s ritural. It doesn’t win you the game but it’s pretty hilarious to watch all the opponent’s minions get wiped out by a huge gimmick. I did it Vs a big streamer before. I don’t think they was too impressed…

The other combo I’ve been working on recently involves Danger noodle, Devour, Wildfire Dragon and a Swift Strike. I have actually pulled that one off quite a few times. It’s amazing. I usually do it over two turns but still really satisfying.

What is your view on the current state of TESL?

That is a touchy subject right now *laughs*. I think Sparkypants are trying their best to fix the bugs and Bethesda are doing well to keep the community updated. Anyone who thought TESL would get a complete overhaul with no problems was dreaming really.

Hopefully, it will just be one of those things in the future where we all joke about being able to fully heal from dragon-shouting a sweetroll, and that OTK combo thingy with a Ring of Namira, Dragon Aspect, Sweet Roll and Ebonheart Oracle.

I think things are already improving dramatically from when it was first released and I love how updates have such little down-time. There’s actually quite a few things I do like about the new client such as: the card backs being present on the board, friends list works much faster, it doesn’t display nothing when you try to search for cards on mobile phone anymore etc etc.

What is your opinion on how Bethesda is evolving the game and the TESL community?

They’ve got a community manager, they’ve got road map. They’re interested in boosting the competitive scene. Did I mention, I’m really looking forward to tournament mode?! I just hope it offers decent rewards for the time spent, not too many options but not too few either – just perfect. A lot of games have failed to get it right so let’s pray together for Bethesda and Sparkypants.

If you had one wish for the game, what feature, card or card mechanic would you like to see implemented?

I would love a support which reads “Turns all RNG effects on any card into: Add an adoring fan into your hand and then cast it into time” *laughs*. It’s not even like the RNG is that terrible in this game. I would definitely not be here if it was. I still don’t like playing against lucky players though.

I’m just really looking forward to tournament mode. Just hope they do it and do it right.

What’s your role in the TESL community and what’s driving you

Well, I just recently got accepted into the Blood Warrior’s guild pro team. I’ve been working pretty closely with them but we’re just getting started up pretty much. I’m like the cheerleader of the squad right now. One day, I hope not to get knocked out first round in tournament. One day.

In 6 months, where do you want to be with this?

I’d like to actually get past the first round in a tournament *laughs* Well, I’ve pretty much did what I wanted to do on ladder quicker than I expected. So I am really just focused on trying to get better at tournament play and just keep going at it. If I won one within 6 months I’d be very happy. I do have a terrible habit of joining games late and playing catch up to “Git gud”. It can be tough going against players who’ve been doing this for a really long time.

Which content creators do you follow?

All of them maybe, The Master of Assassin’s is always watching. But seriously, there is a lot of talented community creators out there I couldn’t list them all. I do really enjoy watching the Warp Meta tournaments though. Great casters, great players, epic games!

To close this interview – what message would you like share with the readers of tesl.blog?

“He who asks a question is a fool for a minute but he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever”. I read that in college a long time ago, I hope that explains why I ask so many dumb questions to the community.
Well said. Thank you for your time Andrew. It’s appreciated a lot, and good luck with the tournaments.

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