Daily Archive: October 17, 2018

Isle of Madness

Celebratin’ Patch 2.2 ‘n th’ First Look at Th’ Isle o’ Madness

Gicaforta, MasculineBulldog and BloodDrunk007 good mateys ‘n honourable hands in th’ Blood Warriors Guild ‘n their crew ‘ave found new bootey. Jus’ t’ bridge th’ time ’til th’ Isle o’ Madness be released. Aye, ye be hearin’ correctly – new content from Th’ Isle o’ Madness. Find it further below. But first: Celebratin’ th’ 2.2 patch o’ Th’ Elder Scrolls...


Beatdown Decks in Detail – Being Aggro

Beatdown decks are one of key deck types in almost any collectible card game. The idea is simple and everyone is supposed to know how to play these decks. You play creature, after creature, after creature and go face with them to beatdown your opponent’s life points turn after turn after turn. That’s what everyone thinks. But there is a...