Shadow Shifter Monk – Weekly Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met once again fellow Legends!

The Blood Warriors Guild would like to apologise for the wait and the missing of the past two weeks decks. This was due to the new client arriving and the incidents good and bad it has caused. With any luck and a lot of good intentions, these decks should be submitted weekly once more.

Starting this week, we are trying to provide you all with a deck for each class that is fun and able to climb the ladder. The Guild had a vote which class to use for this purpose, and Monk was voted for, so Monk we shall provide! The idea of “Move” Monk was presented by Savos_Aren and SirCalmness, thanks to them, this deck was born.

You can find the deck here on

The Deck

The goal of the deck is to stick creatures that will deal consistent damage and keep them alive to deal more damage by utilising movement and cover cards. Guild members have used this list to steadily climb the ranks of 5-2 and conquered top 50 legend players.

General Strategy

We want our early game snowball cards in our opening hand:

With any of these in hand, Dune Smuggler becomes invaluable at getting your movement off to a powerful start. We also have a stealth package to prevent value trades and enable future turns to be planned. The way this deck wins is by protecting its snowball cards and forcing bad trades, when this fails we simply avoid the creatures the enemy plays. You might say we win if we “Protect and Swerve.”

Movement Package

The movement package keeps your cards in motion and ideally buffed with Dune Smuggler.

Stealth Package

The Stealth Package provides the option to keep our snowball creatures alive, by giving them cover:

  • Gloomlurker – Handy for denying a trade and trading with an annoying body.
  • Shadowmaster – An underrated card, protects from trading and single target removal. Consider holding onto it until you know they need to remove something.
  • Hidden Trail – Buffs your creatures and makes it harder for your opponent to trade.

Additional Impactful Cards

  • Cornerclub Gambler – Amazing value if the effect goes off. Be careful about the timing of this card against the more controlling decks, and against aggressive lists play it into shadow to prevent trading.
  • Penitus Oculatus Agent – Devastating on any creature with two or more keywords. Also lets you pass through a guard creature without any worry.
  • Dawnbreaker – Insanely good against Endurance decks running any vampires or other undead. Also provides a creature with 4 additional attack power for added reach.
  • Ahnassi – A bigger and better Penitus Oculatus Agent. Great for dealing with drain and guard cards that are going to bring them away from lethal range.
  • Cliff Racer – 4 reach from hand shouldn’t be underestimated. Play it into a guard-less lane to punch face easily.

Creature Buffs or Hard Removal?

Depending on what you keep running into this choice can make all the difference, Haafingar Marauder or Piercing Javelin:

  • Haafingar Marauder – Incredible in a deck that lets you avoid guards and break runes constantly. Your creatures get larger and harder to deal with.
  • Piercing Javelin – Sometimes your opponent plays Vivec or has too many guards that will prevent you from winning. Here, the hard removal Javelin comes into play.
The Blood Warriors as a guild wish you all the best with your games! Have a great laddering experience and remember to have fun! Get ready for another list next week.

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