The Elder Scrolls Legends – A Look at Steam Player Statistics

Many players enjoy The Elder Scrolls Legends via Steam. Steam provides great data on the player-base of their games, so maybe you want to know if the player-base has increased or decreased since the new Sparkypants client has been released?

And there is some good news! Despite some of the troubles the game is going through at the minute, and despite some unnecessary negativity on Twitter or Reddit by a few individuals, the Steam statistics show no significant drop-off (or increase) in Steam’s Daily Player base since the new Sparkypants client was released.

Here is a look at the time frame between late September and today with some mild ups and downs. The dip on the 24th and 25th is obviously caused by the downtime of the game during the deployment of the new client version.


The next image shows the 3 months comparison from July to October. A peak can be seen on Sunday, August 12th, which has caused the average number of player every day to go slightly up. The current statistics show no significant drop off after the release of the new client.  TESLonSteamJulOct

Despite the current difficult situation, several members in the TESLegends community have voiced their interest for Bethesda and Sparkypants, to promote the game more actively through marketing, by supporting community sponsored tournaments, by supporting Twitch streamers in a better way and by providing new content.

It would be interesting to hear Bethesda’s view on their strategy and timing on some of those requests, once the situation around the new client has been stabilized even further. The first patch has already addressed many issues, and another patch has also been already announced by Bethesda employees.

Please note, the numbers don’t show mobile client player activity, while unfortunately some players still report some issues playing the game on their mobile phones.

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