Combo, Wombo – Bam #4: Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher

You want to play a real sweet series of combos with super-fun interactions that will make you smile? Then you have to check out the combos in BloodDrunk007‘s Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher deck, that he worked on together with Chesthams (see his variation) and EdderBlue. The Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher combo deck works pretty well in the current meta, while that is being heavily influenced by Tullius’ Conscription type decks.

This idea of this Archer deck is based around a number of powerful Slay – Pilfer – Breakthrough combos and synergies that can be used as a one-turn kill. Let’s look at the synergies and combos in detail, before seeing the deck in action further down below.





Unstoppable Rage on Child of Hircine OTK

Unstoppable Rage has been considered by some as having a game-breaking effect. A few months ago, the card got nerfed to mitigate it’s powerful effect a little bit (by increasing its cost from 7 to 8), but it is still very strong and a good win condition. The idea of this combo is to be forcing your opponent into playing the Shadow Lane. Child of Hircine should be played into the Shadow lane the turn before you reach 8 magicka, ideally  opposing 4 creatures with less than 6 power. Next turn, you can play Unstoppable Rage on Child of Hircine, which will kill your opponent’s creatures and give Child of Hircine five nice powerful gutpuncher swings for the one-turn-kill. If you can also equip Child of Hircine with an item that features the Breakthrough attribute, you can even cause more damage. The decklist contains both the Dagoth Dagger as well as the Improvised Weapon. Note: The Pilfer attribute of Goblin Skulk can be used to draw an Improvised Weapon to hand. It should be good to keep one of those items at hand to combo with the next Unstoppable Rage.





Unstoppable Rage on a Breakthrough Creature

A similar OTK effect can be achieved, if you have already dealt some damage to your opponent’s face. To pull this off, you will also need ideally 4 of your opponent’s creatures opposing one of your strong creatures with the Breakthrough keyword. Consider a Child of Hircine equipped with an Improvised weapon or simply a Vigilant Giant.

If you play Unstoppable Rage onto that creature, the Breakthrough attribute will work against every opposing creature and likely remove them (unless that creature has Ward or a better value for health) and cause substantial Breakthrough damage to your opponent’s face.

A detailed example: your opponent has 4 creatures on board, each with 2 health. Your Unstoppable Rage on Vigilant Giant will cause 8 damage to each, destroying them all; but it will also cause 24 Breakthrough damage, i.e. (8-2)*4, to your opponent’s face. As all creatures in the entire lane will likely get removed by this (including your own), you will probably get two additional swings with the Vigilant Giant, so the combo works reasonably well, even on only two or three creatures of your opponent.

How to Pilot the Deck

The deck needs to be piloted like a board control deck. During the opening phase in turns 1-3, you should aim to establish control of the field lane, by using Morag Tong Aspirant and Goblin Skulk. During turns 4-5, aim to build up some Contracts from Brotherhood Slayer (and Brotherhood Sanctuary) OR from Astrid (synergy with Ungolim and Sanctuary Pet) to trigger the OTK combos and multiple plays in later phases of the game. Try to force your opponent into the Shadow Lane and pull off an OTK combo. Also, familiarize yourself with the wealth of Slay and Pilfer synergies the deck provides.

Slay Synergies

For example, you can use Archer’s Gambit on Brotherhood Slayer to slay (wounded) creatures with one health. The Gambit also has great Slay synergy with Jiub, Astrid, and Morag Tong Aspirant. If you get Night Mother out early-on, you will be able to leverage Morag Tong Assassin or Naryu Virian to boost your creatures and establish board control. Brotherhood Sanctuary obviously doubles the Slay rewards, so the Sanctuary is certainly Jiub’s friend.


Pilfer Synergies

Equally, the deck provides a lot of Pilfer effects. Goblin Skulk helps in early game, but if you get Archer’s Gambit you can rock’n roll not only the Skulk, but also Quin’rawl Burglar, Sails-Through-Storms. With Thieves’ Den out, things can get crazy all creatures that go face. Brynjolf extends your magicka as you keep pilfering.


Skooma Underboss

The real hidden powerhouse in this deck, though, is Skooma Underboss. He turns friendly Pilfer abilities into Slay abilities. This means the Pilfer effects become effective while you fight for board control, which will help buy more time to get your combo pieces. Assume you have a Sails-Through-Storms with Breakthrough, Skooma Underboss and ideally a Brotherhood Sanctuary in play… This will give you the effect of a Tullius’ Conscription – only that this one is just crazy, as it will summon also higher value creatures from your deck – not only 2-cost creatures. Blooddrunk007 called this “offscale crazy” and I couldn’t agree more.


Card Draw

As with any combo deck you will need some card draw. The deck is a little bit light on that, as it only runs Pahmar-Raht Renegade.






If you don’t get the combo pieces, you can still use Tazkad the Packmaster or Nightmother to finish during late game.

The Deck in Action

Last but not least – let’s look at some videos by other content creators showcasing the deck in action. First  is BloodDrunk007 himself – the video features Beethoven’s No.5 in C-Minor which is the coolest piece of music for this epic deck.



Next up is DragonTamerBlade who had the Best Turn Ever in all of his wealth of TESLegends play. As a follower of his channel, you will know that DTBlade has a strong affection for Slay decks, so definitely check his video out. You will love it!



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