Daily Archive: October 3, 2018


Combo, Wombo – Bam #4: Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher

You want to play a real sweet series of combos with super-fun interactions that will make you smile? Then you have to check out the combos in BloodDrunk007‘s Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher deck, that he worked on together with Chesthams (see his variation) and EdderBlue. The Slay Pilfer Gutpuncher combo deck works pretty well in the current meta, while that is...


The Elder Scrolls Legends – A Look at Steam Player Statistics

Many players enjoy The Elder Scrolls Legends via Steam. Steam provides great data on the player-base of their games, so maybe you want to know if the player-base has increased or decreased since the new Sparkypants client has been released? And there is some good news! Despite some of the troubles the game is going through at the minute, and despite...


Blood Warriors Guild Community Statement for The Elder Scrolls Legends

Below is the official statement from the Blood Warriors Guild regarding the recent events involving The Elder Scrolls Legends. If you are interested in joining a community committed to the growth and betterment of the game, an open invitation is available for today only! Discord Invitation