Premium Art Cards in The Elder Scrolls Legends

You have heard about the new premium card art in the new client of The Elder Scrolls Legends? You are wondering if and when you should keep these kind of cards? Maybe you are considering to extend your collection of premium cards and want to learn some strategies on how to do this most cost efficiently?

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, on how you want to deal with these cards, this can be the worst case of all. Best advise is to make-up your mind relatively early in the game if you can. With this article, we want to make sure, you can save some hard-earned money. The reason? The premium cards are painfully expensive to Soul Summon, as can be seen in the following table.

Soul Summon and Soul Trap Costs by Rarity

This table shows a comparison of the soul summon costs for regular and premium cards, as well as the soul trap earnings for both regular and premium cards by rarity of the card
RarityPremiumSoul Summon Cost per CardSoul Trap Earning per Card
CommonPremium -20050

Premium Card Art – Why care?

Why care about premium art cards at all? Well, the truth is: You don’t need to care about premium art cards. They are totally and utterly optional. Depending on your taste, a premium card might look cooler and more appealing with the small animations of the card art, but it has exactly the same in-game effect as its regular card equivalent. However, as Bethesda and Sparkypants continues to support the game as a free-to-play option, they have also used the release of the new Sparkypants client as an opportunity to be rewarding “premium card collectors”, by providing enhanced premium art cards. This type of player is usually spending a little bit (or a lot) more on the game than maybe the average player. And since Bethesda and Sparkypants needed to “overhaul” the design of the new client anyway, these little tweaks might actually make it more appealing for a few players to get into collecting at least some of these premium art cards.

So let’s see what’s the best advice for you when it comes to premium art cards?

You are a Free-to-Play (F2P) Player or on a Tight Monthly Budget

If you are 100% sure you will never ever want to start to collect premium cards, then it’s definitely a good idea to soul trap them at some point in time. Similarly, if you are on a tight budget (of less than 20 USD per months), you can soul trap any premium card use the returned soul gems to extend your collection of regular cards. You will see or know already that this works very well, and it will let you expand your collection a little bit quicker than usual (see the table at the top of this article and The Elder Scrolls Legends as a Free to Play Game (F2P) for more details).

You are not 100% sure if you might want to collect premium art cards

However, if you are not 100% sure, whether you might want to start collecting premiums now or in the future, it is recommended to NOT soul trap your premium cards, but keep playing the game and extending your collection through other means. The reason for this are the extraordinary cost of soul summoning premium cards. Each premium card you have in your collection, that you soul trap and later have to re-summon will cost you a lot extra.

This case can also apply to players that on a very decent monthly budget of between 20-70 USD. With this amount you will likely have completed your regular card collection relatively fast. You might then want to set yourself a goal of getting a certain mini-expansion as a premium version. However, as said before it is absolutely not required to spend that much money on the game to play competitively or to expand your collection of cards. It’s only if you wanted to go after (some of) the premiums.

Building your collection of premium art cards

If you want to collect (some/ all) premium art cards you should follow a few tips and strategies to build your collection.

1. Know what you own & know what you want

Do a complete stock take at the beginning and regular stock takes every month! List all your current premium cards by rarity and expansion.

The following table shows for each expansion and rarity the net total costs of soul summoning three copies of all available cards – of course, for unique legendaries the calculation only considers one copy of the card.

Soul Summon Cost for Premiums by Expansion

The table shows the net soul summon cost for premium cards by expansion.
The cost by rarity are calculated by taking the soul summoning cost for a premium card and adding the soul trap earnings for the regular equivalent of that card, e.g. for legendary this costs 4,800 vs. an earning of 400 ends up as a net cost of 4,400
The total cost are calculated by taking the net soul summon cost times the number of cards times 3 (as you need 3 copies of the card) - with the exception of unique legendaries, where only 1 copy is needed.
Net Soul Summon Cost by Rarity1953801,5004,4004,400
ExpansionCommonsRaresEpicsLegendariesUnique LegendariesTotal Cost by Expansion
Madhouse 1621029,625
Dark Brotherhood161250776,340
Forgotten Hero0630333,540
Clockwork City2616907104,750
Heroes of Skyrim5745221020403,645
Houses of Morrowind5138271617480,655
Core Set11910110626261,119,355
Monthly Rewards0023 (as of Oct 2018)00103,500

Look at all cards and see if something intrigues you or if you have a favorite card that you would like to obtain. For me, Jiub was definitely one to get as a premium, because I personally like the card a lot, but it’s mostly the voice over effect when Jiub is played. Yet, I thought the premium version would be a nice addition to my collection.

2. Earn soul gems wherever and whenever possible

Earn soul gems wherever and as often as you can! Here are a few things which will help:

  • Login daily to earn your daily soul gem rewards!
  • Complete all the story expansions.
  • Level-up your hero to level 50.
  • Get Twitch drops (once they are re-actived).
  • Farm the Expert-AI in practice mode to earn soul gems! Winning a game on expert level adds 15 soul gems, for a maximum of 300 soul gems per day. If all goes well (and it doesn’t) this means you need to play 20-25 games a day against the AI to earn those 300 soul gems. Those games are not timed and can be continued across sessions, so you can start them in the morning on your commute and complete them later over lunch break (assuming you don’t want to socialize with your colleagues, lol) or on the way home. The following decklists will help (please keep looking on for updates) you to farm as quickly and consistently as possible against any of the expert AI players:
  • Play solo or versus arena to earn soul gems! For 9 wins in Solo Arena and advancing across the ranks, the game provides some good soul gem returns. Usually this is a bit more fun than the AI farming and also provides good use for your event tickets (which you might have earned as Twitch drops).
  • Play games in ranked mode to reach Legend (or Rank 1) to earn legendaries or Monthly Reward Cards. Note, if you really want to maximise the number of premium cards, playing ladder games is actually only adivsable on a day after you have earned 300 soul gems against the AI in expert mode. Reason: The season rewards are usually three legendaries (= soul trap for 1,200 soul gems) or three copies of a new monthly reward card, that would need to be soul summoned otherwise (usually three epics for a soul trapping earning of  300 soul gems in total). Just count the games you play on ladder that you could have earned soul gems with…

Here are some great videos by other content creators (all credit goes to them) showcasing how to farm the AI for soul gems. By the way, this is not only important when you look to complete your premium collection of cards, but also relevant when you want to complete your regular card collection.

Soul Gem Farming – Prophecy Mage by CHARM3R

Soul Gem Farming using Prophecy Battlemage by LackOfSkills Gaming Channel:

Soul Shard Farming by Darklubrix:

Solo Arena Farming by Gicaforta

3. Soul Summon those Premiums first that cannot be  drawn from expansion packs

Premiums can be acquired through purchasing or opening packs for the Core Set, the Heroes of Skyrim expansion and the Houses of Morrowind expansion. Premiums can NOT be acquired for story expansions nor for promotional cards (e.g. Monthly Reward cards or the Madhouse Collection). Do NOT soul summon any premiums from the regular expansion packs, before you haven’t completed your premium collection of the story expansions. For example:

  • Soul summon three copies of the common premiums of Dark Brotherhood, Return to Clockwork City and the Madhouse Collection (under Promotional Cards). Go card by card. Don’t take one each, just get three premium copies of the same common card and then soul trap the existing regular copies. This will give you many relatively cheap premiums early on.
  • Soul summon three copies of the rare premiums in Dark Brotherhood, Return to Clockwork City and the Promotional cards. After this is done, move on onto the epics and then the legendaries. But still, look only at Dark Brotherhood, Return to Clockwork City and the Promo cards.

4. Only buy best-value for regular expansion packs!

If you want to spend on the packs, it’s best to only buy “60 Pack Bundles” for 69.99 EUR packs on the Windows version of the game. When buying on iOS or the Google Play Store, you will likely pay 74.99 EUR. The “60 Pack Bundles” each provide two premium legendary cards that will add nicely to your collection. But which expansion to buy? Core Set, Skyrim or Morrowind?

  • Based on your stock take, look at the overall distribution of the premium legendary cards. Buy the expansion where you have the least legendary premiums.
  • Soul trap all non-premium copies of cards where you have three copies of premium cards. In particular, you might want to look for legendaries first, as they provide the greatest value, followed by epics. I usually do the rare cards on the toilet… 😉 *jk*

5. Stockpile your gold!

There was a (very limited) time (only), when Bethesda offered an option to buy premium legendary cards for 1,000 in-game-gold. This option was only available for a few weeks, but a great option to use your gold, instead of soul gems. In case this opportunity arises ever again, you should stockpile your gold. It has been the most cost-effective way to acquire premium legendary cards, and maybe you want to be prepared… 😀

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