The New Client – A Big ‘Thank You’ To all Involved at Bethesda and Sparkypants!

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  1. domeplsffs says:

    Wow, you must seriously love mediocre and bug filled releases. *facepalm Fact is they released a product that wouldn’t go pass any serious QA and now people like you who are just dumb fanboys act if it is actuall an achievement to defecate on your customers…. Shame on you and everyone involved in this ugyl mess.

    • Holoir says:

      I have respect for their achievement, because I understand the challenges. The old client never was and never would have been bug free, as will any other software product. They are actively putting improvements out, as I keep noticing, like every few hours. This was just not possible before, and that’s why Bethesda has undertaken this step, to serve the community better. Calling me a dumb fanboy is disqualifying yourself. It’s not an ugly mess, as I am playing lots of games with the client and all the items people are mentioning are really only minor issues. I am running the game on iOS or PC, so these operating systems are well known for their decent performance and the game just works. The fact that some few card interactions are not like they used to be is not a real issue for me because I have trust in Sparkypants addressing them. And also, I have enough decks without those problematic cards, so there are workarounds. But thanks for your comment anyway, I think it’s a good indication of exactly the things that are being overreacted to. I am not blaming anyone because I understand it can be frustrating, but they have given us three packs, a new card back and I think we can all be having good confidence that they are working in this very moment to start addressing the lists that people are putting together.

  1. October 2, 2018

    […] continues to support the game as a free-to-play option, they have also used the release of the new Sparkypants client as an opportunity to be rewarding “premium card collectors”, by providing enhanced […]

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