The Elder Scrolls Legends – The New Client out tomorrow

The new client is coming to The Elder Scrolls Legends tomorrow. The servers went down a few hours ago and should be back up on Tuesday, if all goes well. Find up-to-the-minute news on @teslegends on Twitter. The new client – developed by Sparkypants – is basically a faster and redesigned version of the original client from Direwolf Digital. The upgrade was announced at the end of May 2018, and sees it’s release before the end of September.

We should all like to take this opportunity to thank all employees at Direwolf Digital and Bethesda who took the game to where it is today. It is certainly a new chapter opening for the game. According to Bethesda, all is supposed to go smoothly and there will be no major functional enhancements as of yet. Instead the focus of the development was to get a completely new, lighter client in place, enabling a lot more new features and ideas to be implemented more easily and faster in the future. This is not to downplay the achievement – assuming all goes well:

  • the client is much faster to load onto your mobile device;
  • upgrades and patches can be more easily deployed with the new client, causing less downtime;
  • menu navigation is streamlined and much faster than before
  • new revamped card frames and new premium card animations are provided which look even better
  • and many small enhancements that sit in the detail.

So, what is next for TESL? The Isle of Madness story expansion has been announced. Additional future enhancements are also expected, as they have mentioned by Bethesda employees – a future roadmap is currently not available, but in the making, according to last week’s TESLegends Twitch stream:

  • More customisable board mats
  • More customisable avatars
  • More regular content expansions
  • A tournament mode
  • …any many many more.

While we wait a few more hours, you should watch this video from DragonTamerBlade (@DTBlayde) about his expectations for the future of The Elder Scrolls Legends. Also, you should to subscribe to his YouTube Channel to follow his great content moving forward..

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