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In today’s interview with a community member of The Elder Scrolls Legends, you can learn more about floWMega, who is one of the most experienced and one of the most successful ladder players in TESL. He has just been elected team captain of the Blood Warriors Guild Elite Team and is getting ready to shake up the growing TESL tournament scene. You can meet floWMega on his Twitch stream where he is streaming a lot of great TESL games.

TESL.BLOG recently had the chance to squeeze in an interview between this week’s WarpMeta EU and NA tournaments.

Hi Austin, thanks for making the time today. As part of the TESL community, most players might now you by your in-game-name. What is it?

My IGN is floWMega. As far as names go it is not my favorite (*laughs*), but I chose it with the intention of playing exclusively with wolf decks (floW is my second account). Even if I were playing all wolves the name doesn’t make much sense apart from flow being wolf backwards, but I’ve decided to just embrace the silliness instead of fighting it.

What about you real life? What’s keeping you busy when you are not on TESL?

Outside of TESL I am a chemistry student in my last year of university. That seems to keep me busy enough, but I also try to make time for basketball, golf and piano when I can. I’ve played basketball and golf since I was five years old, and piano since I was ten. 

Tell us a little bit about how you started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends?

I started playing TESL pretty soon after release on another account. I had always been a fan of the series, and Bethesda games in general, so I decided to try this one out. I had never played any CCG’s before, so the learning curve was steep, but watching other players via YouTube or Twitch really did a lot to help me see how to play the game correctly.

When was the first time you reached Legend rank on the ladder?

I believe the first deck I reached legend with was a Control Altar Scout. Granted, I had no idea what I was doing, but I made a wacky, greedy, scout deck with Alter of Despair and surprisingly I did pretty well with it. I remember grinding with Token Mage for quite a while on my old account, and reached legend pretty consistently with that and Support Mage. Back when those decks were king of the ladder.

Have you played in any TESL tournaments?

I have played in a few and plan to play in, well, the rest. I’m realizing how different tournaments are and how much strategy is involved. There are decks that are never played on the ladder that can be very effective in tournaments, and forcing your opponent to play around certain cards that are uncomfortable can give you subtle advantages that can win you games.

Aggro – Midrange – Control? What’s your favorite playing style and why?

That’s a tough one, because I play a bit of everything. It sounds strange but really it depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I like to play aggressive and make really difficult decisions that may not be obvious, and sometimes I like to sit back and play control and just weather the storm until I build a game winning board. I love all archetypes for all different reasons, and I think I could talk for hours about those reasons, but I don’t think I can really choose between the archetypes very easily.

What’s currently your favorite deck?

This will not be a popular opinion but my favorite deck is the Nix Ox Combo. I understand why it is so hated, but I feel it is very misunderstood. Deck knowledge is everything with that deck and your Scout Reports, Indorils, and Camels separate the good players from the great players, and those decisions aren’t as straightforward as many may believe. That said, I try and limit my Nix Ox games on the ladder because, due to of the power level of the deck, many opponents just view the game as an instant loss and I end up feeling bad for playing the best deck in the game.

…and what’s your all time favorite?

My all time favorite deck is Support Mage! I know, Nix Ox and Support Mage, I’m a fun eating monster, but back in the day where you’d use Wabbajack and Wolf Cage to fill your board with Wolves and turn them into random threats; man those games were insane! Control matches would last around 2-3 days. By turn 50 my eyes would dry up and I’d start nodding off. Exaggerations of course, but Support Mage will always hold a special place in my heart, and you can be sure I will try and bring it back to the meta with every expansion.

A question relating to Quadrant Theory  – Let’s assume for a minute that you were a TESL card. What quadrant would you have your greatest strengths in? Would it be  in Opening/ Developing, in Parity, in Winning or in Losing/ Turnaround?    

I think my specialty would be turn-around. I would go for an Earthbone Spinner or Bruma Profiteer. A card that, by itself seems threatening, but used correctly can just win the game in a single turn through clever planning rather than raw stats.

What TESL title are you most proud of and which one are you usually bearing?

I don’t know that I have a particular favorite title, but I’m rocking “The Pack Leader” right now. Literally, the only significance, though, is a sad attempt to help make sense of my IGN. Same goes for my avatar. I am optimistic, however, that the expansion will bring wolf tribal decks to life, and my IGN will look like brilliant foreshadowing.

What’s your view on some of the game-breaking mechanics, like Nix-Ox Combo, Unstoppable Rage, or Magicka Ramp?

I go back and forth on this issue, and the fact that I can do so really speaks to the diversity of the game. Some days I will play classic midrange and aggro strategies full of tough decisions every single turn and the super-combo decks feel like cheat codes. And other days I play Nix Ox and Rage Dagoth, but the decks, though so vastly different, are similar in power level. Aggro may win by 1 while Nix Ox wins by 50, but both win when you play well, and lose when you play poorly. That said, the massive swing cards are some of my favorite. I think I have tried to throw Unstoppable Rage in every deck that runs red, and have tried some other insane combos in other colors. The thing with the combos is, it is hard to gauge the effectiveness until you pull it off, which inspires a wealth of creativity and deck building from the community, which is always a positive.

What is your view on the current state of TESL?

I think TESL is growing rapidly and planning for huge changes. For example, we get a new client soon, the next expansion has been announced, and now that the Masters Series has been established, the tournament scene surrounding TESL will continue to evolve. Exciting things are in store for this game and the community surrounding it is second-to-none. 

What is your opinion on how Bethesda is evolving the game and the TESL community?

Well I am very excited for the new client and the attraction that will bring to the game! The next few months will be very influential in this game with the release of new content and the change of client, and I cannot wait to see what Sparkypants has in store. I think it will be vital that Bethesda listens to the community to keeps things balanced, but as long as they do so, the future will be very bright for TESL.

If you had one wish for the game, what feature, card or card mechanic would you like to see implemented?

I would really like to see the exalt mechanic get a buff. I really like the idea of exalted creatures – they are extra valuable because of their versatility, but they are too statistically weak to be playable most of the time. I think allowing creatures to be exalted in a future turn would make them a more viable option without making them overpowered! Even with that buff I still doubt exalted creatures would see play, but hopefully with the new expansion, new cards will be introduced to take the exalt mechanic to the next level.

What’s your role in the TESL community and what’s driving you

In the community, I am a member of the Blood Warriors Guild and I am the Captain of the Blood Warriors Elite team. Apart from that, I am a competitor, supporter, streamer, and fan. I started playing TESL when it was released, and I have been happy to be a part of the incredible community ever since.

In 6 months, where do you want to be with this?

I am really excited for growth in the Blood Warriors Guild and I would love, in six months, for us to mature and settle in to a place in the community. I absolutely think this is happening already, but the growth and potential for the Guild is exciting. With the expansion’s release, community hubs like the Guild will be a breeding ground for fresh ideas, and that is very exciting in regards to both the future of the Blood Warriors Guild and the future of TESL. As time goes on I plan to continue competing and learning about the game, and I hope the team we have will learn and grow together. Support for the team has been great and if that continues I think the future is very promising.

Which content creators do you follow?

CVH was the first content creator I followed, but I also watch The Justin Larson and CHARME3R on YouTube. I am fairly new to Twitch as I started streaming, so I will drop in on other streamer’s streams, but I didn’t really start watching there. I learned most of my base knowledge from CVH and watching the replays of the Masters Series games. That series featured skilled players playing at the highest level and I think it would be a helpful watch for anyone interested in learning the game.

To close this interview – what message would you like share with the readers of tesl.blog?
I would like to share the message of support content creators you like. Donations through patreon or twitch are nice, but a simple ‘hi, cool stream’ dropped in a chat can make someone’s day. My stream is small because I am new, but a simple comment or a simple act of kindness or appreciation can go a long way for someone making content for others to enjoy.

Thank you for your time, Austin. It’s appreciated a lot!

floWMega had to run-off to prepare for WarpMeta NA #35 with the Blood Warriors team. I would like to thank him for his time and encourage you to subscribe to his Twitch channel AlphafloWMega. Good luck to him, the Blood Warriors and all players of all other teams. Have a great tournament…


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