Prophecy Burn – Weekly Deck – Blood Warriors Guild

Hail and Well Met!

TGuild_Challenge_Budgethe Blood Warriors Guild has returned

with the Weekly Deck!

This week is a little different; the Guild ran a challenge for the best budget list members could think of. Following the rules stated in the Budgeteer challenge, a Prophecy Burn Assassin (with 33 prophecies!) was voted by the Guild.

Orangejuicenut was the awesome brain behind the list idea and the guild then came together to determine the optimal budget list.

You can find the deck here on



The Deck

This deck has been performing insanely for some of our members. With an 84% win-rate it has been an incredible climbing tool when correctly piloted. Who knows, is this the next Prophecy Battlemage?

General Strategy

As an aggressive deck face is the place! We seek to develop creatures on the board before closing the game with the actions we have accrued in hand. Play on curve as best as possible, using cards like Gloomlurker and Fighters Guild Recruit carefully to maintain threats. Play creatures where they are safest to ensure maximum damage. Your actions should be saved for late-game burst to either close the game entirely or combo with Lillandril Hexmage, but if a scary card that gains life comes into play, remove it as efficiently as possible from hand. Games typically end around turns 6-8.

Power Cards

  • Gloomlurker – Possibly the strangest card in the list but don’t let that fool you. The summon ability to give a creature cover enables amazing protection against creature focused decks and also develops another creature for them to deal with. The prophecy tag may also come in handy for a quick covering of a priority target.
  • Blood Sacrament – A sneaky tool we have to apply additional pressure. Not a hugely damaging action, when it can betray becomes decent. But combined with cards like House Kinsman and/or Lillandril Hexmage it becomes downright scary!
  • House Kinsman – The little guy is our only epic in the whole list! The ability to deal damage after being killed makes him a strong play, coupled with his healing factor and combo potential with Blood Sacrament, his place in this list is solidified.
  • Queen Barenziah – One of our two legendary cards, Queen Barenziah provides a very offensive body with the benefit of drain! Truly a threat that must be removed (very handy for keeping your other creatures alive too)!
  • Lillandril Hexmage – A ridiculously effective finisher in this list. By holding our actions for the later turns, the amount of chip this card does is incredible. The juicy Blood Sacrament combo just makes it that much better.
  • Ransack – This card enables free trades or face damage coupled with healing if pulled by a rune, or it allows a final level of burst to finish an opponent. The life gain is not to be underestimated, and can be the deciding factor in a game against aggro.
  • Ancano – Our second legendary card! Also known as Blue Tazkad, Ancano enables a burst hit of five damage which also allows your actions (if you are behind) to trade and hit face too! An amazing late-game finisher in any Intelligence deck

The Deck in Action

You can see the deck in action as GicaForta is piloting the deck on his YouTube channel:

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