Combo, Wombo – Bam #3: Big Bad Betty – Blood Warriors Guild – Weekly Deck

Hail and Well Met!

The Blood Warriors Guild are back at it with another weekly deck, this time based around a really beautiful combo: Pure-Blood Elder and Betty Netch.

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The Combo

The combo is incredibly simple and allows the rest of the deck to be played in a controlling style without negatively impacting the deck too much. Its just two cards after all and provides an amazing finisher. If Pure-Blood Elder is dropped anytime from 8 max magicka, you can play two Betty Netches for rapid ramping of 8 magicka, 4 from each Betty. This combined with your natural turn magicka increase you can have 18 max magicka on turn 9 with no previous ramp. A 16/16 with breakthrough then has an easy time of closing out the game.


The current meta is filled with aggressive decks so early cards are crucial to surviving. To this end we have some spells:

  • Firebolt, useful for quickly dealing with powerful early game cards like Morkul Gatekeeper or Goblin Skulk.
  • Sorcerer’s Negation, amazing at dealing with Item equipped small creatures or silencing that annoying guard so you can value trade their poking creature.
  • Lightning Bolt, a very flexible card with prophecy to help stall against aggressive decks or remove a potential threat, and it can go face for that little bit of reach you may be needing.
  • Cruel Firebloom, needs a friendly creature to stick but its incredible for dealing with that early 5/5.
  • We also run some stall and defense creatures:Brutal Ashlander, only bad earlygame if he decides he wants face.
  • Barrow Stalker, a larger body with drain that enables value trades and life gain.
  • Shrieking Harpy, so good at stalling a turn to set up up your trades or clears and the prophecy can save your hide against hyper-aggressive decks.
  • Dark Guardian, is a very large defensive body that typically kills two aggressive creatures.
  • And just in case the enemy goes wide, there are two Ice Storms ready to reset the board.

Playing the Combo

So you have survived the opponents early game! Now its time to apply pressure. These are the turns to drop the Pure-Blood Elder, hold back the Betty Netch until it is on the board. Once you have Pure-Blood Elder on board, reaching the magicka requirement is very easy and simple. Meet the condition and punch face or force a stabilized board state. If Betty Netch is removed with Pure-Blood Elder on the board you still gain +2 max magicka.
Included in the deck is Genius Pathmage, this card is the real MVP of the list (see the PathMaths below), and enables strategic turns to swing the board or manipulate your turns so you pull exactly what you want. Not an uncommon turn might be Pure-Blood Elder at 9 magicka, and the next turn play Genius Pathmage with you 11 magicka to pull Betty Netch and then play a second Netch from hand to enable the Elder. One of our members jumped from 14 max magicka to 36 max magicka in a single turn with two Pure-Blood Elders on the board!


Genius PathMaths

Genius Pathmage summons a card from your deck with the cost equaling your remaining magicka. This means we can make plays to manipulate it to devastating effect. However, remember it is only going to have any synergy from 7 magicka plus.

  • 7 – Brutal Ashlander (Useful if you need to clear two creatures and have Cruel Firebloom in hand but no creatures on board)
  • 8 – Barrow Stalker, Shrieking Harpy (Great defensive options)
  • 9 – Daggerfall Mage, Dark Guardian, Tree Minder
  • 10 – Lucien Lachance, Preserver of the Root
  • 11 – Betty Netch
  • 12 – Genius Pathmage
  • 13 – Pure-Blood Elder, Nahagliiv
  • 14 – Ancano
  • 15 – Laaneth
  • 16 – Gravesinger

Card Choices

  • Lucien Lachance – Possibly one of the best cards Endurance has access to which makes your creatures become serious threats if left undealt with.
  • Preserver of the Root – A great defensive body in a deck that ramps hard. If pulled by Genius Pathmage it pulls as a 6/6 with guard for powerful tempo swings or defensive walls.
  • Ring of Imaginary Might – This card is an unexpected powerhouse if utilized effectively. Landing on Dark Guardianor Betty Netch, you suddenly have a very large threat that must be removed or a loss occurs in short order.
  • Nahagliiv – Another of Endurances best cards which allows some breathing room that can come rather early if you had good early ramp.
  • Gravesinger – This card is a strange one. When played from hand it is a real threat with its passive effect, but it can be pulled by Genius Pathmage leaving you with 10 magicka to make use of that turn. Scary stuff. It can pull things like activated Pure-Blood Elders, Laaneth, or Ancano which typically wins you the game if correctly played.

Board-Centric or Hand Control

This deck can be played to be a more tempo based board control list or a controlling combo list with just a few minor tweaks! This was a matter hotly discussed by the Blood Warriors Guild, so it was decided that both options be expressed in the weekly list.
Board | Control
2x Preserver of the Root <-> 2x Mummify
1x Firebolt <-> 1x Ald Velothi Assassin
1x Pure-Blood Elder <-> 1x Ald Velothi Assassin

The Blood Warriors as a guild with you all the best with your games! Have a great laddering experience and remember to have fun! Get ready for another list next week.

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