Card Draw #8: Multi-Color Card Draw Options

In the (last to) final installment of our series about card draw in The Elder Scrolls Legends, we will look at the multi-color cards, that can be included in Class decks or House decks. The shiniest star here is probably the Crusader class, but also House Telvanni has good options available.

Mage (blue/yellow)

Mage’s Trick

The rare 3-cost action Mage’s Trick from Heroes of Skyrim (HoS) allows you to deal 1 damage (to remove a low-health creature), gain 1 health and to draw a card. It has good synergy in Action Mage decks, where Lillandril Hexmage might cause additional face damage to the opponent. There is also some synergy with Conjurer’s Spirit, where it would help in summoning a 2/2 Familiar.


The 5-cost Ayrenn is a unique legendary 5/5 High Elf from the Core Set who provides tremendous value by drawing an action card from your discard pile, and also by reducing the costs of your actions by 1, while she is in play. Ayrenn is run in 66% of all Mage and Tribunal decks, due to the massive amount of value she provides in the short-run.

Crusader (red/yellow)

Crusader’s Assault

The rare action Crusader’s Assault from the HoS expansion is probably one of the greatest card drawing cards the game has to offer. For a cost of 3 magicka you get to usually kill-off one of your opponent’s creatures and the Breakthrough, Pilfer and Slay effects let’s you draw 2 cards in the process. Clearly this card provides great value and is almost a must include in Crusader, House Hlaalu and House Redoran decks.

Ulfric’s Housecarl

The epic 4-cost Ulfric’s Housecarl is a 3/3 Nord that draws you a card whenever an enemy rune is destroyed. Upon breaking runes, The Elder Scrolls Legends is designed to give the opponent an additional card – with Prophecy, maybe even a free-to-play card. Ulfric’s Housecarl basically ensures that your resources stay in line with those of your opponent. It’s an incredibly powerful card, that can keep your aggro-train rolling and your opponent will aim to get the Housecarl removed as quickly as possible. Ulfric Housecarl can only be crafted, and not opened in packs, as he was the July 2017 reward card.

Warrior (red/purple)


Militant Chieftain

The epic 5-cost Militant Chieftain is a 3/3 Orc from the Core Set, who draws a random Orc from your discard pile and provides other friendly Orc’s with a +1/+1 modifier while in play. Obviously the Chieftain is a key ingredient in any Orc-focused deck and can be extremely valueable in this type of deck. Having the card draw effect pointed at the discard pile is not really negative, as it’s relatively high cost, would ensure that the Chieftain finds a lower cost Orc in there.

Scout (green/purple)


Scout’s Report

The 1-cost action Scout’s Report from the HoS expansion looks at the top card of your deck which you may discard. The action then draws a card, i.e. either the one you just looked at (if you didn’t discard it), or another one. It is a good inclusion if you need cards in your discard pile, e.g. to play Journey to Sovngarde, Alduin, Falkreath Difiler or the Odnirian Necromancer. As of this writing, Scout’s report card is included in about 33% of all Scout / Telvanni decks.

House Redoran


The 3-cost Bolyn Venim is a 3/3 unique legendary Dark Elf, who has a very special effect: When you rally with no creatures in hand, first draw Bolyn Venim from your deck. If you have him on board, Bolyn Venim will basically you draw another copy of Bolyn Venim, if there are no creatures in your hand. Definitely a nice option if you play Galyn the Shelterer to him, while he is in your hand, but that combo is not easy to pull off. Still, a great inclusion in any Rally-based deck.

House Telvanni (blue/green/purple)

Telvanni Catspaw

The rare 3-cost Telvanni Catspaw is a 2/2 Dark Elf who has a Last Gasp ability that let’s you draw a card, or even two cards, if you sacrificed the Telvanni Catspaw, e.g by sacrificing him when playing a Betray action for the second time, or when simply replacing him in a full lane with another creature. The body on the board can also be helpful at times and the ability to draw cards from one card is only seldomly found in TESL.


The 5-cost Sun-In-Shadow  is a 4/6 unique legendary Argonian who lets you draw an action of your choice from your deck by shackling another one of your creatures (maybe a Telvanni Catspaw, that you want to sacrifice same turn?). This card is super-powerful and sees a lot of play in Telvanni decks. It is currently included in about 75% of the Telvanni decks on and is a decent body, with a very powerful and uinque great card drawing effect. His summon effect can be leveraged multiple times, by using A Night to Remember, Ulfric’s Uprising or Dragon Priest Mask. The card is also a key ingredient in the famous Nix-Ox Combo deck.

House Hlaalu (red/yellow/green)


The 5-cost Duke Vedam Dren is a unique, legendary 4/5 Dark Elf with a bit of a mini-card draw engine. The first time you play a card, the Duke lets you draw a random card from your deck with cost equal to your remaining magicka. This allows you to perfectly play “on curve”. This is a very interesting draw mechanism that can be used to draw the “right” cards in the right moment.  Of course, it requires your deck to be designed accordingly and you should know the deck very well to pull the creature you are looking for. With the relatively high cost of 5, the Duke would probably fit a bit better into a Midrange- or Control-Hlaalu deck.


With this, we are finishing the look at the Card Drawing cards in the different attributes in The Elder Scrolls Legends.

To finish off our series about card draw, we will be looking at “Card Drawing Engines” in the final article of the series.


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