The Elder Scrolls Legends as a Free-to-Play Game

The Elder Scrolls Legends as a Free-to-Play (F2P) game

Bethesda is committing a heavy long-term investment to their Elder Scrolls Legends franchise. It is not often in gaming history that a company is rewriting the entire game to make it faster to use, and easier and faster to deploy. This process was announced in May to the ever growing fan community and will now be finished by the end of September. Bethesda has been showcasing the new client on the TESLegends Twitch Stream last week and we expect many more players to be joining the active community.

The Elder Scrolls Legends is a strategy card game that will keep you engaged for months to come as it provides numerous possibilities to play the game. Arena modes are great for new players, there are also several story expansions for a great single-player experience and also a competitive laddering system where players compete in brackets to gain legend rank each month. Bethesda has announced their plans to bring more extended tournament functionality to the game to grow the tournament scene. At the same time, they have started the 2018 Master Series Tournament at Quakecon as one of the highest paying card gaming e-sports event ever.

While the game is growing fast, is committed to providing more content about the game to both new and experienced players. One particular point of interest is the question that many new players might have:

Can The Elder Scrolls Legends be played as a Free to Play game?

Is it expensive to build a card collection? Can this be achieved with a small or no budget at all? This article wants to say – yes, it can be. For those of you who would like to spend 5 USD or 8 USD or 20 USD or maybe even more, there is a guide on the Team Rankstar blog, that I want to recommend for further reference. But let’s look if this game can really be played as a Free to Play game. It’s definitely possible, and it also doesn’t mean that you are bound to loose against very competitive players with a large collection. You just need to play it smart.

There is proof on Reddit: user u/TheAnimaker is playing the game for free now for a long time, and has been updating us every months for the past 7 months in a row. His collection is now at a completeness of 73% which is an astonishing result in my view.

Here are the links to his reports, if you want to look at the details:

Here is a screenshot of the progress between August 2018 and February 2018:

August 2018

February 2018

You can clearly see that there is a lot of progress made in completing the collection over the period of 7 months, from 46% up to 73%.

Some tips from u/TheAnimaker for players looking to play The Elder Scrolls Legends for free:

  1. Login daily to earn the daily login reward
  2. Connect your Bethesda account to your Twitch account, and watch a lot of TESLegends on Twitch to receive twitch drops. Please follow the guide posted here for more details.
  3. Complete your Daily Quests (aiming for 60+ gold)
  4. Use tickets on Grand Melee (which happens usually every 2 months), for a chance to win 75 packs maximum and 10 packs minimum, along with other leaderboard rewards
  5. Ditch premium cards
  6. Hit rank 4 on the ladder every month if you can
  7. Play Versus Arena and spend tickets, but not gold there
  8. Save gold for pre-made decks and the story expansions
  9. Craft only Legendary cards, you will eventually get all epics in the game, except for Monthly reward cards (so craft those Monthly Reward cards). Follow the Legendary Crafting Guide here on for the best cards to craft first.
  10. If you have all legendaries, start crafting epic cards – the Core Set is the hardest to complete, but that’s only a goal, after you have collected all the legendaries. Follow the epic crafting guide here on to get an overview of what to craft first.
  11. Look for budget decks that have great viability on the ladder (maybe something for another article in the future)


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