Card Draw #6: Card Draw Options in the Agility Attribute

In the sixth article of our The Elder Scrolls Legends Card Drawing series, we are looking how to improve card draw in green-colored (Agility) decks. The Agility attribute has decent card drawing options, and is certainly not the worst, when it comes to card draw. 17 cards in total offer additional card draw and keep you equipped with enough options to play from hand. While some of the cards are usable in certain theme-decks only, there are a few cards that should be considered for inclusion in any green Agility deck. Unfortunately, some cards have little use thus far and don’t see much play at all. But without further ado, let’s look at the options.

Shadow Shift

The common 1-cost action Shadow Shift allows one creature to shift lanes and also draws you a card. In the early game, this can be pretty useful to move a creature to the other lane, where it’s no longer threatened from being killed. When a creature that already attacked in the Field lane is then moved into the Shadow Lane, the creature gains cover. Shodow Shift is also particularly helpful for any Pilfer creature to circumvent your opponent’s Guard that might be blocking your lane. The card draw effect is pretty straightforward and for a little bit of board presence, you have also redrawn a card. However, the trouble starts, when you have no creatures in play or don’t want them to shift lane (e.g. when having to kill multiple creatures in the same lane). So you usually want to have Shadow Shift in decks with plenty of creatures (to play it).

Embassy Disguise

The rare 2-cost item Embassy Disguise adds +0/+1 to one of your creatures, draws a card and gives one of your creatures Guard until it attacks. This special effect can be helpful if you want to level-up a certain non-guard creature, or protect it from being cleared through regular fighting. Note, that creatures with Embassy Disguise played on them can still be silenced or targeted with hard removal cards. Hence the card will not consistently give your creature the protection you intended to. The card draw effect just means, that you can get the effect, and still a replacement card.


Goblin Skulk

The rare 2-cost Goblin Goblin Skulk is such an essential cards for so many deck. While the 2/2 goblin is not the greatest fighter, it’s special Pilfer ability draws you one zero cost card from your deck that can also be played still on the same turn. This allows you to build the deck with suitable 0-cost cards that support your overall game strategy. The Pilfer effect can basically draw a 0-cost card every turn, for as long as you have some in your deck. It adds more playable cards to your hand and each pilfer also increases the probabilities of drawing your other (higher cost) cards. A Goblin Skulk that stays unanswered from your opponent for two turns or more is most likely already a game-winning move in a well-constructed deck.


The 2-cost action Lockpick is a random effect card, that either puts another Lockpick into your hand, or draws you a card with a cost reduced by 2. Basically, you are playing an action that costs 2 magicka, which draws you a copy of that very same action (for the same cost of 2 magicka again), or draws you a card, reducing it’s cost by 2. Pretty useless, unless combined with Lillandril Hexmage, that deals 2 damage to your opponent, after you play an action, or with Shimmerene Peddler or the Crystal Tower Crafter. In such circumstances it can be pretty neat. A Thieves Guild Fence can add some additional spice to the equation, as it reduces the cost of a card you draw by 1 (also the next Lockpick).

Sly Marshblade

The 2-cost Argonian Sly Marshblade is a 3/2 rare from the Forgotten Hero collection. It has a last gasp effect, that draws a card if you have 7 or more max. magicka. The Last Gasp effect does have synergy with Necrom Mastermind and can help with card draw in Last Gasp-focused decks. The effect is also more likely to trigger in a ramp Scout (or House Telvanni) deck, where you max magicka is increased consistently by multiple cards.

Suran Pawnbroker

The rare 2-cost  Suran Pawnbroker is a 2/3 Dark Elf from the HoW expansion. His Plot ability puts a random 0-cost card into your hand, when activated. He is a strong card with synergy to other cards with synergy to 0-cost cards, like Smuggler’s Haul below. The card is however, a decent body with a good additional effect, that should be considered for inclusion.

Thieves Guild Recruit

The common 2-cost Argonian Thieves Guild Recruit has a summon effect that draws a card and reduces it’s cost by 1, if the card costs 7 or more. The Recruit is a 1/2 body, that can help you to trade in with creatures in the early game, draws a card, and it might allows you to play a very powerful card about one turn earlier. Of course, this is a random number effect, but there are 7- or 8-cost cards that can be pretty devastating when played a turn early (even more so, when you have the ring of magicka).


Cornerclub Gambler

The 3-cost Cornerclub Gambler is an epic 4/3 Wood Elf from the Houses of Morrowind expansion, with the following summon effect: “You must discard a card. At the start of your turn, draw two cards and Cornerclub Gambler loses this ability.” Note, if you have no cards on hand, after playing Cornerclub Gambler, you cannot discard a card, but will still get the card draw effect. The card is a magnet for your opponent’s removal or silencing cards, as he will do anything to get it off the board before the gambler let’s you draw those two cards A 4/3 body for a cost of three which such great card draw effect has made the gambler one of the most favorite cards from HoW and she sees play very consistently in the current meta. This card is actually a good reason to run Crushing Blow in your deck, to remove her from the Shadow Lane, where she is usually played.

Daring Heist

The rare 3-cost action Daring Heist from Return to Clockwork City is an action that draws you two cards. It can only be played, however, unless a creature in each lane damaged your opponent this turn. The card is one of the least played cards, due to the inability to trigger it consistently. It could be included in token decks but there are certainly much better card draw options available.

Varanis Courier

The common 3-cost Varanis Courier is a 1/3 Dark Elf with Guard from the Core Set. His last gasp effect draws you a card. The card has it’s strength in the Opening quadrant, and comes with the obvious synergy to Necrom Mastermind.


Sightless Skulk

The common 3-cost Sightless Skulk is a 4/3 Falmer who draws a card if you have two other green (Agility ) creatures in play. The card is a decent body and let’s you draw relatively consistently in decks, where green is the predominant color, and you have several smaller creatures already on the board.


Fleeting Apparition

The epic 5-cost action Fleeting Apparition from the HoW expansion is not strictly speaking a card drawing card, although she has a similar, if not a superior effect. The card text reads: “Betray. Summon a random creature from your deck that costs 3 or less to a random lane. Unsummon it at the end of your turn.” Basically, at the end of the turn, you end up with a random creature from your deck that costs 3 or less. The good news is you can betray another creature to make this two cards and you can also benefit from any summon, charge or plot effects this card might provide “for free”. While you have Wispmother in play, you can get a tremendous amount of value from this card, as it summons two copies of the creatures to the other lane. But even without Wispmother, Fleeting Apparition can be a great value-play but you should certainly know your deck really well, and check your discard pile before you play it to calculate the odds of which card(s) you might be pulling out.

Pahmar-raht Renegade

The 5-cost Pahmar-raht Renegade is an epic 4/6 Khajiit with a slay effect. The creature is not easily removed, and whenever the Renegade slays, he will draw you a card. Two cards, even, if you have the support card Brotherhood Sanctuary in play. The card is a natural pick for inclusion in Slay-decks, but also is nice when Unstoppable Rage is played on top of him (although most players prefer a card with Breakthrough – although there are items providing the Breakthrough keyword).


Telvanni Oathman

The 5-cost Telvanni Oathman is an epic 4/4 Dark Elf  with a summoning effect, that draws a random action from your deck if you have a blue (Intelligence) card in play and/or a summons a Risen Dead in each lane if you have a purple (Endurance) card in play. The Oathman can be a very strong card if you are looking to pull a specific action from your deck (e.g. in combo decks), but provides good value in regular Telvanni decks that rely on creature and gaining board presence.



The 6-cost Nightprowler is a rare 5/3 Falmer from the Heroes of Skyrim expansion, who draws a card, when he gains cover. This can happen when he is played to the Shadow Lane, or when combined with cards like Embassy Disguise (see above), Elixir of Light Feed, Gloomlurker, Shadowmaster or lane shift effects, that move him forth and back into the Shadowlane.

Smuggler’s Haul

The epic 6-cost action Smuggler’s Haul is a card that draws four zero-cost cards and is best combined in action-decks or combo decks that rely on zero-cost cards as their win conditions. Such decks could be including Lillandril Hexmage, Crystal Tower Crafter or the Swindler’s Market to give a few examples.

Eclipse Baroness

The 8-cost Eclipse Baroness is a very strong card. With 5/5, she provides decent offensive power to the board, but she also draws a card when summoned and reduces that cards’ cost by 2, and on top of that, she also draws a card for a cost lowered by 2 as a Last Gasp effect. Clearly, not only the card art, makes her an awesome card to include in your Agility-based deck ;). If combined with Ulfric’s Uprising or Necrom Mastermind in Control Decks, you can also potentially benefit from the card draw effect multiple times. Really one of the best card drawing cards in the green Agility attribute.


Three to four Agility cards improving card draw get played consistently: Goblin Skulk, Cornerclub Gambler, Eclipse Baroness and Shadow Shift are therefore key options to consider when included the green Agility color into your deck. Fleeting Apparition is certainly a great card to consider, while Smuggler’s Haul is a niche-option for decks that use the 0-cost theme as a win condition. For Slay- and Last-Gasp-focused decks, the green attribute also offers good picks. The Telvanni Oathmann is a great inclusion in House Telvanni decks, if you are looking to draw actions. It might also have a nice use in Assassin or Telvanni decks, when you are building a combo deck, that is relying on a certain action to be drawn, and you might only have (three copies of) one action in your deck.

This concludes the in-depth look at card drawing options for the green Agility attribute. Next up is the purple Endurance attribute and a look at multi-color card drawing cards.


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