Card Draw #3: Card Draw Options in the Strength Attribute

In a series of articles we will be looking at an extremely important topic in The Elder Scrolls Legends: Card Draw. After having had a look at the basics, the first draw and the mulligan, and the Neutral card draw options,  we will be looking at card draw options for the  red Strength attribute. Strength has a decent number of card draw options, in itself and many are pretty good considerations for your deck, to always keep enough and the right options in hand, to outplay your opponent. Let’s get right into it…

Rapid Shot

The common 1-cost action Rapid Shot from the Core Set deals one damage to a creature; if the creature survives, you will draw a card. It’s a great ping card that can be used to damage one of your opponent’s creatures combos but probably has even greater synergy with your own Daggerfall Mage and/ or Breton Conjurer.



The epic 2-cost action Plunder from the Core Set draws two random items (from somewhere, so not from your deck). Plunder is always a great option when you have board control, and can afford a little bit of tempo-loss. Although the card comes with a bit of a random effect, it adds two additional play options and is usually well-worth to be considered for inclusion in your deck.

Blades Lookout

The common 3-cost Blades Lookout  is a 3/4 Nord from the Heroes of Skyrim  (HoS) expansion. The Lookout draws a card whenever you summon a Dragon. It is a decent mini-draw engine in any Dragon deck, as long as you can protect the Blades Lookout so he can stay on board.

Stronghold Patrol

The common 3-cost Orc Stronghold Patrol is from the Heroes of Skyrim (HoS)  expansion draws a card if you have two other red creatures in play.

Aela’s Huntmate

Aela’s Huntmate is a 4-cost, 3/3 rare Nord from HoS. She draws a card when she is turned into Beast Form (you need to break your opponent’s rune while she is in play).

Ash Berserker

One of the most popular mini card-draw engines in the game is 4-cost Ash Berserker. He is a 4/3 rare Ash Creature from the Houses of Morrowind (HoW) expansion, and draws a card at the end of your turn, if you have a creature with 5 power or more in play. In a deck with lots of 5-power creatures, the Ash Beserker can turn into a very powerful draw engine. If you play an item like Sixth House Amulet, the Ash Beserker will gain a Ward and also trigger the card draw at the end of your turn.

Hit and Run

The epic 4-cost action Hit and Run from HoS draws five cards and makes you discard your hand at the end of the turn. The card sees little play as the magicka cost are rather high and you will need at least 9 magicka, if you wanted to play five 1-cost cards that Hit and Run could draw. Hence, players have tried to combine Hit and Run with Thieves Guild Fence and Swindler’s Market.

Ulfric Stormcloak

The 5-cost Nord Ulfric Stormcloak is a 6/5 unique legendary from HoS. Ulfric draws a Nord from your deck, whenever you play a shout. Maybe a Blades Lookout?! Maybe a Greybeard Mentor?! An interesting card if your deck is running shouts.


Sharp-Eyed Ashkan

The 6-cost Dark Elf Sharp-Eyed Ashkan is a 6/6 legendary from HoW with a Plot ability, that let’s you redraw quickly. The card text reads: “Plot: Discard your hand and draw three cards.”  The plot ability will only trigger, if you have already played a card on the same turn. Ideally, you want one 0-cost (Nord Firebrand!!?!) card to be the only card on your hand when you play Ashkan. Maybe you are looking for a Charge creature to get your opponent’s health to zero, maybe for a Mentor’s Ring to give Ashkan charge as well? Definitely worth a go if you have little to no cards currently in hand and can draw three more at the end of the turn.

Triumphant Jarl

The 6-cost Triumphant Jarl is a rare 4/4 Nord from the Core Set that draws two card if you have more health than your opponent. Absolutely a good choice for any aggro deck that consistently allows you to be ahead on health. He is seen as one of the best draw cards in aggro decks.

Vigilant Giant

The 8-cost Vigilant Giant is a legendary monster 8/8 Giant with Guard and Breakthrough from the Core Set. He will usually be very difficult for your opponent to deal with. When summoned, not only will the game board be shaking, but you will also be drawing a card- probably for your next turn.


To summarize – 11 card draw options in Strength alone, plus a few more, when we also consider multi-color cards bearing the Strength attribute. Granted, some are a bit niche, like Hit and Run, but many work with almost any deck and can really give you important tempo. Particularly, since Strength usually has little access to Drain or other life gain effects, speed and tempo are of the essence, and the more choices your hand has to offer, the better.

In the next part of Card Draw, we will be looking at the blue Intelligence attribute: Card Draw #4: Card Draw Options in the Intelligence Attribute


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