Combo, Wombo – Bam #2: Stealer of Secrets OTK

In today’s Combo, Wombo – Bam, we are looking at a classic One-Turn-Kill (OTK) combo deck in The Elder Scrolls Legends: the Stealer of Secrets OTK deck. The centerpiece of this combo is Stealer of Secrets, a 6-cost 1/1 creature with Ward. He works as a finisher in action-heavy control decks. The Stealer has a very unique summon effect: “Summon: +1/ +1 for each action in your discard pile.” 

To pull-off the combo, you must have as many actions as possible in your discard pile, as this generates a strengthened Stealer of Secrets with 26 power or more to finish your opponent in one go. Since the Stealer cannot immediately attack after he is played, we ideally need to give him charge. To achieve this in the same turn, you can play a low-cost charge creature, like Shadowmere, from hand, followed by a Mentor’s Ring.

You can play this combo with 12 magicka in any action-heavy deck that includes the blue Intelligence Attribute. Certainly, you can reduce the cost of the combo to 11-magicka with the red Nord Firebrand in Battlemage or House Dagoth decks.

Strategies and Hints for Building a Stealer of Secrets OTK Combo Deck

 Combo Deck Lists

Here are a few Stealer of Secrets OTK combo decks as inspiration for your next round in The Elder Scrolls Legends:

  • Morrowind’s Stealer OTK: A complete and up-to-date Battlemage decklist with an extensive guide and further discussion by Max_Mystel
  • Dagoth Stealer OTK: The main goal of the deck is to control the board with actions and lethal creatures. You will use as many actions as possible until you have the combo. The decklist was created by saiyan. It also features a second combo that will be featured in another Combo, Wombo – Bam!
  • HOM OTK Stealer BM – This deck was run by r4d1cAL in top 40 legend ranks with an above 60% win rate. Therana is an interesting addition to the deck. She multiplies the available actions in this control deck, until you get the combo. The deck requires a relatively good card pool though and is maybe a bit more expensive to craft.
  • Meta MeMe Mage – This deck from SpoilerULose uses cards from the FrostSpark Collection as well as the October Monthly Reward card Altmer Dragonknight. It comes with a second win condition, which is snowballing your actions to buff Crystal Tower Crafter.

Cards to Include in Stealer of Secrets OTK

To build your own Stealer of Secrets OTK deck, you will definitely want to include lots of (removal) actions that help you to control the board. In addition, you might want to try including any of the following cards with additional synergy:

  • Dragon Priest Mask is a 6-cost item that you play on Stealer of Secrets to trigger’s his summon effect again. This card allows you to pull off the combo with much fewer actions in your discard pile.
  • Doppelganger, a 5-cost creature, clones Stealer of Secrets. If one isn’t enough, certainly two will get you the power stats in order to beat down your opponent in one turn.
  • Ulfric’s Uprising is a Neutral 7-cost action from the Forgotten Hero Collection, that re-triggers your creatures’ summon effects.  If you can’t get Mentor’s Ring or a Charge creature to hand, you can play the Stealer to the board already. But be careful: you should be certain, that your opponent has no hard removal in hand. While Uprising is an expensive action, it almost doubles the Stealer’s power. While this is similar to Dragon Priest Mask, you can also trigger other cards with summon effects, so that might provide some interesting additional synergy. Maybe you can use a Shrieking Harpy to shackle something, that could hit your Stealer?
  • Merchant’s Camel: This neutral 4-cost 1/4 creature let’s you cycle through the cards in your draw pile faster to find the combo pieces. It is a good inclusion in any combo deck, of course.
  • Genius Pathmage: This 6-cost 4/4 Breton can be used to tutor Stealer of Secrets from your draw deck. Alternatively, you can also use it to tutor Shadowmere, if you have the Stealer already in hand or in play.

Videos – The Combo in Action

If you like to see the decks in actin, please have a look at the videos created by other content creators.

This is the Battlemage version from CVH:

CVH also provides a deck tech guide on this combo.

This is SpoilerULose‘s Mage version, available on his YouTube channel: the deck is running some of the latest cards (as of November 2018).

How to get the cards for the combo?

So how do you get the cards required for this combo? You get most of the cards from The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood story expansion. Mentor’s Ring is probably the most difficult piece to craft for this combo. As a new players, here are the details :

Please give this combo deck a go, it is really fun to play. Please leave a comment with your feedback. Maybe you can share your own decklists, so we can add them here.

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