Let Your Wild Fire Devour Me, Baby…

This is not a spicy bedroom conversation, nor the next song from Ariana Grande – instead, you are witnessing the mood of the first Blood Warriors Guild Deck. The actual deck title is simply Devour Dragon, but this deck is much spicier than might meet the eye!


It follows the idea of eating your opponent’s creatures’ key words by using the (4-cost) action Devour to equip them to your Dragons, ideally a Lethal or Breakthrough onto an Odahviing or a Wildfire Dragon. When these guys are played with Lethal they will wipe both lanes:

  • Odahviing – to wipe all enemy creatures
  • Wildfire Dragon – to wipe all creatures, including your own, getting a +1/+1 for every creature killed.

Use this as psychological warfare against your opponent pulling a Tullius’ Conscription on turn 11, and counter it by a lethal Odahviing or Wildfire Dragon on turn 12. It’s a truly Rock’n’Roll combo to pull-off and ideal if you want to win big and in style.

Additional mini combo’s in the deck are:

  • Devour on a Lethal Creature + Shearpoint Dragon: Play Sherapoint Dragon, using the Lethal effect to immediately remove a creature
  • Devour on a Breakthough Creature + Odahviing / Wild Fire Dragon: Odahviing Deals Breakthrough damage to all creatures. This can cause a lot of damage to the opponent, e.g. if he has 3 creatures with a health of 1, Odahviign will deal 27 damage to the opponent’s face. Be careful: Wild Fire Dragon also could deal breakthrough damage to your own face.
  • Devour on a Drain Creature + Odahviing / Wild Fire Dragon: Gets you a massive Health boost, i.e. 10 (or 6) health for each creature being hit.
  • Devour on a Charge Creature + Odahviing/ WFD: Gets you a 10/10 charge finisher (or a 6/6 Wildfire Dragon finisher)
  • Devour on Penitus Oculatus Agent: If your opponent has a creature with more than 4 power, you can pull that creatures keywords onto Penitus Oculatus Agent, and Devour him. This will cost 7 magicka.
  • Devour on your own creatures: Devour your Rampaging Minotaur for Charge and Breakthrough. Or use it on a (damaged) Clockwork Scorpion to get Lethal and Drain.
  • Duke Vedam Dren: Use him to get a special creature from your deck to Devour that.
  • Mundus Stone: Will give your creatures an additional keyword. Random effect, but can really help you out sometimes.

The Deck in Action

To see the deck in action, please check it out on BloodDragon007’s YouTube channel:

Deck Variations

Adding Cloudrest Illusionist

You could consider to add a Cloudrest Illusionist to the deck. This would allow you to Devour keywords from more powerful opponent creatures (8 power and below). If you played Ahnassi (to the shadow lane) you could pull all (=> Lethal and Breakthrough!) keywords off all enemy creatures. Next turn, Cloudrest Illusionist on Ahnassi and Devour Ahnassi for a total of 7 magicka. And if you then had devoured Lethal and Breakthrough onto your Wildfire Dragon, your opponent should want to play an Ice Storm to wipe his own board immediately. 🙂

Optimizing Draw Options for Duke Vedam Dren

To have a clear link between Duke Vedam Dren and the remaining magicka, you could have only 1-cost creatures with charge, only 2-cost creatures with Drain, only 3 cost creatures with Lethal and only 4-cost creatures with Breakthrough for example. Hence, if you played Duke Vedam Dren with 9 magicka, you would for sure pull a Breakthrough creature, if you played him with 7 magicka, you could pull a drain creature. This might also be a little bit limiting, but might become more interesting as Bethesda extends the available card pool.

Keyword Eating Dragons in House Redoran

Chesthams has created a variation of the deck in Hourse Redoran. Check out the decklist, here. This variation puts Redoran Forerunner, a 1-cost creature with Charge, Drain and Ward, into Devour reach. This combo can even be played with Wildfire Dragon in one turn if you have 12 magicka available. Pretty strong stuff, and a great turnaround combo for example, after your opponent played Tullius’ Conscription on the previous turn.

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