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Hail and Well Met Friends! The Blood Warriors Guild presents it’s latest collaboration effort. With the dark blessing of a Daedric Prince, the powerful, the spectacular SANGUINE’S DELIGHT!

The idea behind the deck is rather simple: stick a big creature (Vigilant Giant has been lovingly placed in this list, and Aspect of Hircine decided to join in on the fun) and on the following turn slap down a combo to remember! Use Dremora Markynaz to buff your big creature of choice, then laugh as you play A Night to Remember on the Dremora Markynaz and re-buff the same target. This makes the big creature FOUR TIMES BIGGER than it was originally.

To successfully play Dremora Markynaz and A Night to Remember on the same turn you will need 12 magicka, and a big creature needs to survive at least one turn (if you wait to drop it the turn before the Dremora Combo). This also means you will need to survive until then and The Blood Warriors have provided the tools!


This is a combo list so the most important thing is to live long enough to combo. To do this the deck list makes use of a heavy lethal package with lots of pings to shred through your opponents early power plays. Cards such as Fighters Guild RecruitSanctuary Pet and Allena Benoch do wonders at keeping you alive. Astrid provides you the chance to out tempo your foe while killing their stuff! WIN WIN!
On top of this deadly arsenal, Finish Off and Leaflurker have been included to make use of the decks many “Deal 1’s.”
As for the pings there are options, Archer’s Gambit can reposition your creatures and inflicting maximum control or quickly deal with a threat, whereas Quicksilver Crossbow is amazing and assassinating a scary creature or setting up a value trade. These pings work on the lethal package to maximise its usefulness but still have utility for setting up a wounded kill. But there are more cards that help with our surviving, Rapid Shot is an amazing cycle tool that can set up a Leaflurker or deal with a pesky ward. Dushnikh Yal Archer removes that annoying support or enables Finish Off to take down that massive monster. There are even Earthbone Spinners to silence that buffed up creature or allowing our removal to be effective.

Looking for the Combo

Now that you have survived and have enough removal tools to be comfortable in the later turns, the focus needs to turn to winning. To further that goal we have many draw cards. As stated before Rapid Shot is a great card to cheaply draw from as is Shadow Shift (also great for positioning lethal creatures), and if you want cheap draw and a body behind it Thieves Guild Recruit is your guy! To fit the curve and pressure the board we have a riskier cycle option, Cornerclub Gambler. Will discarding a card help you? It will if the Gambler sticks and draws you two! Next, we have a late game draw powerhouse in Eclipse Baroness; her effect sometimes even allowing your combo to trigger earlier or even larger. Finally, we have Vigilant Giant an amazing card to see, useful as a large, breakthrough body if you have the combo in hand or great to drop for cycle. Truly you will always be spoiled for cards.

Playing the Combo

So you have assembled the pieces its time to put them together. Hopefully you have a good boardstate by this point and can safely drop Vigilant Giant or Aspect of Hircine, either through opponent top-decking with a nearly empty (or empty) board, or by having the tools on board to defend your pillar of destruction! Once the creature sticks on board, play Dremora Markynaz into the most crowded lane and buff the biggest creature you have. This is important because if you have a full lane and play the Dremora into the unfilled lane, you can’t play A Night to Remember on it! Immediately following the Dremora Markynaz summoning, play A Night to Remember on it and buff the biggest creature again. Then punch face.

Card Choices


  • Bushwhack – This card is here to let your monster of a minion ignore that annoying guard that decided to be in the way and punch face instead!
  • Ungolim the Listener – Doesn’t really need much justification. He fits in well with the lethal package and enables good cycle with cost effective creatures.
  • Murkwater Witch – Simply here to provide more creature wounding and to help deal with aggressive decks.
  • Brynjolf – This master thief helps fill the curve and allow some valuable healing. Further, he functions like Astrid in helping you combo faster.

The Skulk Package

An alternative to the BushwhackMurkwater Witches and some extra copies, is the Goblin Skulk package. The Skulk package utilises Curse instead of Murkwater Witch, letting your board control happen a little quicker and letting you get ahead faster at the cost of Goblin Skulk being removed. This allows the deck to be a little more aggressive as you are wanting to send your attacks face a little more often with Goblin Skulks pilfer effect. The changes are more about board survivability than the hand control of the original list. The changes are:



The Blood Warriors Guild Leader, BloodDrunk007, has recorded a video demonstrating the deck.

The Blood Warriors as a guild hope you enjoy this super fun list, and wish you the best of luck in your laddering adventures! Get ready for an awesome new list every week!

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