Daily Archive: August 29, 2018


The Elder Scrolls Legends Panel on Bethesda Gameplay Days

Mark your diaries for The Elder Scrolls Legends Panel on Bethesda Gameplay Days. Join The Elder Scrolls Legends panel on Bethesda’s Twitch Stream, featuring Justin Larson, Charm3r aka Darick Oswalt, Glamtroll aka Sabrina Lynn Gillette, CVH aka Christian van Hoose and Bethesda’s Art Director for The Elder Scrolls Legends Morgan Godat to talk about some of the new artwork featured in...


Combo, Wombo – BAM: Sanguine’s Delight – BWG Weekly

Hail and Well Met Friends! The Blood Warriors Guild presents it’s latest collaboration effort. With the dark blessing of a Daedric Prince, the powerful, the spectacular SANGUINE’S DELIGHT! The idea behind the deck is rather simple: stick a big creature (Vigilant Giant has been lovingly placed in this list, and Aspect of Hircine decided to join in on the fun) and on the...


Clockwork City Master Guide Episode 6

Ready for episode 6 of The Return to Clockwork City on Master level? You want to earn the premium Laaneth card? Are you struggling with a particular mission in episode 6 on master difficulty? They are called: Dragonclaw, Sanguine Barrows, Eastmarch Camp, Return to the Inner Curiosity, Chamber of Lorkhan and are among the most difficult ones, the RtCC story...