Good Hero Names in The Elder Scrolls Legends

As The Elder Scrolls Legends is set in the Elder Scrolls universe, the game greatly benefits from the decades and decades of lore that the franchise has produced. Obviously, the game features the races you can also choose when you create your hero in an Elder Scrolls role-playing game. The races are easy to learn and to get used to, but how to find a name that matches the language of that race? Coincidently, I was searching the App Store for the Elder Scrolls (I was looking for the Elder Scrolls Blades) and I found a name generator app that I immediately downloaded. It is called Elder Scrolls Name Generator by Pat Walsh.

This app is free to download and quickly installed. It basically allows you to pick a race from the Elder Scrolls universe, select the gender and then generate dozens, if not hundreds, maybe thousands of different names that match the lore of The Elder Scrolls.

For me, that’s too late as I have already selected my in-game name. But if you have just joined and can still pick, why not pick a name that matches the lore of the game?

For example, your hero could be a male high elf called Thrvin Valon, or a female Nord called Matlurh, or maybe Braselind. Particularly funny are the names from the Khajiit race. Here, a female hero would be called Bhisleena Mahrgandihr or Bahdriba or preferably maybe S’ji Tavakstee. You can see how easy it is to get a great name for your hero. I wish I had known about this app before I created my hero by the name of Holoir. I could have been an Orc called Kharzum Golfklub or Bugdmul Lorislag or maybe even Makka Shadrish.

Maybe in the new client I can change my name… 😉

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  1. Oh lol, Khazul Golfklub is an autocorrect issue. Golfklub is German for golf club. I hate the auto-correct feature. I was even dictating the article via Siri and it created super funny text when I spoke the names that were displayed in the app. So I switched to normal typing and didn’t check for autocorrect. Now, I have no way to go back to the name that was generated so I cannot correct it. Sighing. Lmao.

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