Combo, Wombo – Bam #1: The Spider of Death

The Combo Pieces

The Spider of Death combo in The Elder Scrolls Legends is usable in decks of the Scout class (theoretically also in House Telvanni decks). The combo was recently mentioned in an interview with BloodDrunk007, as one of his favorites. Let’s have a look at it in a bit greater depth (the decklist is here on


The Spider of Death combo makes use of the following cards:

  • Spider Daedra: An 8-cost legendary creature from the Core Set with: “Summon: Fill your lanes with 2/1 Spiderlings. Last Gasp: Destroy all friendly Spiderlings.”
  • Ring of Namira: A 7-cost unique legendary from the Heroes of Skyrim expansion.
  • Necromancer’s Amulet: A 3-cost epic support from the Core Set. It reads: When a friendly creature is destroyed, gain 1 health.


The combo is not easy to set up, but when it goes off it stalls gameplay with a hilariously long animation, until all the effects have been resolved by the game engine.

To pull it off, the player needs to have the three combo pieces. Due to the high magicka cost of the Spider Daedra, the other two combo pieces need to be played on a previous turn. When the Ring of Namira and 1-2 Necromancer’s Amulet are in play, you will play the Spider Daedra to summon loads of spiders in both lanes. For the combo to work best, you will need two completely empty lanes, and ideally also another cheap creature you can play to replace/ kill Spider Deadra on the very same turn. Otherwise, your opponent might simply silence her. Of course, having a board presence with 7 2/1 creatures and a 4/2 Spider Daedra can mean a nice 18 damage to your opponent in the next turn. So having the Spiders survive for a bit can also be nice. The Daedra could be a particular nice play after your opponent cleared the board with an Ice Storm and his side of the board is also empty.


Once the Spider Daedra is killed, it’s last gasp effect kills all other spiders. For each creature being killed you will gain 1 health through the Amulet, dealing 1 damage to your opponent through the Ring of Namira.

Combo Wombo Level: Freakin’ Fun

The combo does require a lot of dedication, as you will likely fall behind in board presence when playing the 2 supports for 3 and 7 cost magicka. Some magicka ramp might be a good idea to include when building a deck.

However, a unique legendary, like the Ring of Namira, is not likely to be drawn. Therefore, a good card draw engine will be essential to have in your deck to increase consistency. You need to devote about 7 card slots to the combo, so The Spider of Death could be combined with other win conditions in a deck. It’s not necessarily a one-turn-kill-combo (for that you would need to have 3  Necromancer’s Amulet in play), but can certainly turnaround a game (if we were to apply Quadrant Theory to this combo, it would be well positioned in quadrant Losing, but also good in Parity, when the board is cleared for both players.

The combo is more for fun than for competitive play. Is has seen little play on the ladder. I personally, though, would be happy to concede, after my opponent had successfully pulled-off that combo against me. Definitely a combo to try and see if you can get it to work!



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