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The Elder Scrolls Legends community is growing and growing. TESL.blog features a new category to introduce you to some of the members of our community in a little more depth. What’s better than knowing a little behind the person behind the in-game tag? Today, I have had the chance to interview BloodDrunk007 who is the Guild Master of the Blood Warriors Guild on discord.

bloodwarriors guild

BloodDrunk007, thank you for taking the time to be taking some questions today.

What’s your TESL gamer name?

BloodDrunk007 – Guild Master of The Blood Warriors.

Before we dive into TESL, I’d like to ask a little bit about your real life. What’s keeping you busy when you are not on TESL?

I am spending time with the wife and my two boys at every opportunity. I also enjoy watching Anime. Some of my favourites  are Overlord, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Death Note, Sword Art Online, Dragonball Z.

Tell us a little bit about how you started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends?

I have always been a fan of the Elder Scrolls Universe and TESLegends was one that I have fallen in love with, not only for the game which is made with high quality, however, also the community. The TESLegends community is probably one of the best I have come across in my gaming history. Everyone is awesome!

When was the first time you reached Legend rank on the ladder?

A long time ago…  (*he smiles*) Most months I reach legend when I put my serious cap on or if I am after the new card release. However, most of the time I am having fun between ranks 1-3 just testing out new decks and combos.

Can you look back on any previous card game experience?

Not really. This is the first and only card game I have played, however, when I was younger I used to collect Pokemon cards and I am proud to say: I still own the complete 1st edition Full Collection. Might pay for my kids to go to college one day (*laughs*)

Have you played in any TESL tournaments?

Unfortunately, not yet. The times of when they are held do not suit my family life. Would love too and believe I would do well especially when I get into my competitive zone. Within the Blood Warriors Guild we will be supporting those that want to go Competitive.

Aggro – Midrange – Control? What’s your favorite playing style and why?

(*laughs out loud*) None! I like them all, however, my favorite style is combo. It is the hardest to master and you really have to think about what you are doing, know you deck inside and out, understand what your opponent is playing and what they are planning on doing to pull-off some of the most amazing plays you will ever experience. There are so many variables to consider.

What’s currently your favorite deck?

My favorite at the moment is the “World Destroyer”. The deck just plays so well and is so much fun, I think not only for me, however, also for my opponents. I believe they also enjoy playing against it. I hope (*laughs again*)

[editor’s note: here is a video of the deck]

 …and what’s your all time favorite?

Slay/Pilfer Gutpuncher, for sure! No other deck I have ever played has provided so many different win conditions and been so explosive. Simply Fantastic.

[editor’s note: here is a video of the deck]

What TESL-title are you most proud of and which one are you usually bearing?

(*thinks*) My “Mastermind” title or “The Mad”. Both were challenging to get, however, I am normally rocking the Mastermind as all the decks I play with have been created with deep theory and seeing them actually working as planned brings a sense of great achievement and satisfaction.

A question relating to Quadrant Theory  – Let’s assume for a minute that you were a TESL card. What quadrant would you have your greatest strengths in? Would it be  in Opening/ Developing, in Parity, in Winning or in Losing/ Turnaround?

I’d be a Losing/ Turnaround card. I love being the underdog and turning a game around on a pre-planned combo. Also the breaking of my own runes is usually done so under my own terms and leading my opponent into a sense of false security.

What’s your view on some of the game-breaking mechanics, like Nix-Ox Combo, Unstoppable Rage, or Magicka Ramp?

I don’t think they are game breaking mechanics. There will always be certain cards which can be used to exploit certain conditions, however, used correctly, they can bring a perspective of fun to players. People are entitled to play whatever they want, it’s there choice. When situations like this arise in the meta, creative players will then explore new ways to try and beat these, bringing a new change, it is forever evolving.  These combos are the ones which are popular and used by many, however, there are a bunch of other cards if looked at properly that can also become the next “most powerful”. I would encourage anyone to experiment and see what can and can’t be done.

And do you like to play any of those yourself?

I use some of them, most definitely. They are a mechanic to help certain themes of decks, and if played against correctly by your opponent, they are balanced like any other card.

Of all the card combos in the game, what’s your favorite one and why?

Blood Spider of Death. Hardest combo to pull in my experience. You need several turns of pre-preparation and commitment to the combo, and it’s hands down the most satisfying to actually see be triggered. Unlike the Namira’s Ring/Ebonheart Oracle/Dawnstar Healer combo which is also great, however it can be stopped by prophecy. The Blood Spider of Death nothing can stop it.

[Editors note: Please find the combo deck here at legends-decks.com]

What is your view on the current state of TESL?

I am excited to see how and what Sparkypants will bring to the table. We could be entering a new era to excel the game to be one of the all-time greatest card games.

What is your opinion on how Bethesda is evolving the game and the TESL community?

I just hope they keep all the different communities that support this game in mind. Like I said earlier, this is one of the best communities I have ever experienced, to honestly note there are parts which still feel disconnected and I would like to see improvements made to bring us all together better. However, time will tell.
If you had one wish for the game, what feature, card or card mechanic would you like to see implemented?

I call it ‘Battle Cam’. Under the new developers it would be beneficially cool if all players had access and an opportunity to record 5-10 second clips in game of something really epic that has happened. Sort of like the kill cam on COD, however, more control over when these clips can be taken in game, like just after an epic play, a combo, a win or a fail. This could be managed by the player allowing maybe a small 150 letter caption with the clip and give those on opportunity who are not streamers to record small clips of their gameplay and have the option to upload to a Central Legends Community Hub or post on You Tube and other platforms to connect all the different communities together.

People can then get to showcase new and cool ideas in mini-clips without having to download software and having full streaming set-ups and expensive equipment giving everyone an opportunity to produce cool content for others to see and enjoy. I know people can already find ways to sort of 3rd party record and post, however, this is not easy for everyone to do that would like to do it. It just presents a new opportunity for the community as a whole.

How cool would it be to see a community section in game or on a Bethesda Legends Website of thousands of really cool and epic short clips, which people can discuss, chat and bond over.

Also, this might help to solve the problem experienced with Tournament’s – meaning people can easily clip who won, lost, acted outside of the rules and maybe show the highlights of the battle. Just a thought of its further potential.

For the You Tubers and Streamers this would also present a new opportunity for new Video content and allow them to engage with a new kind of video showcasing player skills maybe the top 10 wins, fails, combos, and reviews.

What’s your role in the TESL community and what’s driving you?

I have just recently set up a Guild called ‘The Blood Warriors’. This is with people that also share a similar passion and commitment for the game. I see my role to support and bring the best out in others to promote positive, engaging and fun play. This is my chance to give back to the community that has given me so much.


In 6 months, where do you want to be with this initiative?

In 6 months, I hope we have all made some friends and still having fun.

Which content creators do you follow?

Biki and Justin Larson were the two main inspirations for me when I first started out. They taught me how to promote respect, fun and positive play.

I know Biki is having a break and playing other stuff, however, I would love to see more from him hopefully in the future.

Justin Larson, well what can I say, I look up to him with the highest of respect, he is not only, a great player, great content creator, however, is the True Legend of the Community.

Charm3r has also helped me in the recent months to provide help and support regarding decks and my recordings and is also another key member in the community and voice of reason.

To close this interview – what message would you like share with the readers of tesl.blog?

Please do follow this Blog, it is only going to grow further, there is some great advice for new and existing players, which could help you learn new and interesting things not just for you however those that you also meet along your TESLegends Journey.

 (*interviewer blushes*) Oh, thank you for that and thanks again for taking the time! I hope we will be seeing more of you and all the best for your endeavours with The Blood Warriors.

This concludes the first interview with a seasoned and well-respected The Elder Scrolls Legends community member and hopefully was only the first of many more to come. I would like to encourage you to join The Blood Warriors Guild on discord. Here is their link:



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