Get Twitch drops when Bethesda Germany streams from Gamescom

Gamescom is to Germany, what E3 is to the United States – the biggest computer game show in the country. Tens of thousands of gamers will be on their pilgrimage to Cologne starting Tuesday, 21st August. The fair that’s lasting until Saturday the 25th sees its 10th Anniversary this year.

Bethesda Germany just announced that they will broadcast from the fair on 21 August via Twitch. Live viewers of twitch stream will be able to get special free twitch drops for The Elder Scrolls Legends.

The Elder Scrolls Legends is not only a big thing in North America. There is also a large player base here in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Thuldir, for example, one of the semi-finalists in the 2018 Master Series Tournaments or Frogger91 from Switzerland have been among the world’s best players.

Bethesda will start the stream on August 21, at 18:00 German time, 16:00 UTC, 11:59 am EDT. Follow this link to Bethesda Germany on Twitch. Make sure you Elder Scrolls Legends account is linked to your Twitch account prior to the stream starting.

If you want to visit Bethesda at Gamescom, you can find them here:

Freifläche Halle 7 Nord |  F012

Halle 02.2 | Stand C029 B020

Halle 08.1 | Stand C050 B051

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