Dark Brotherhood Master Guide – Episode 3

The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood aka Dark Brotherhood is the second story expanstion to The Elder Scrolls Legends. Have you finished the story expansion in normal difficulty mode? Are you now struggling with a mission on master difficulty? Then this guide provides a proven collection of decks that can help you do the trick. Just look at the list below, and find the mission you are maybe struggling with a little bit. Many of the content creators also shared a YouTube video, allowing you to see the deck in action.

These are good decks for Episode 3. Some are budget decks, i.e. they also work for new starters who might not own as many legendary cards.


Dark Brotherhood – Episode 3 – Hall of the Dead

Here are videos of the decks in action:


Dark Brotherhood – Episode 3 – Cultists’ Meeting Place

Dark Brotherhood – Episode 3 – Grave Concoction

Here is a video of CHARM3Rs deck in action:



Dark Brotherhood – Episode 3 – Hilltop Shrine

Here is a video of CHARM3Rs deck in action:


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