2018 TESL Master Series – Decklists

The 2018 Elder Scrolls Legends Master Series tournament has found it’s winner: Plzdonhakme from Canada. He wins a check over 20,000 USD. Congratulations to him and all players.


It’s been a great experience and you can watch all the recorded games at Twitch.

Class / House Number of Decks
Archer 2
Assassin 3
Battlemage 4
Crusader 4
Dagoth 6
Hlaalu 5
Mage 5
Redoran 5
Scout 3
Sorcerer 1
Spellsword 1
Telvanni 8
Tribunal Temple 6
Warrior 11
Grand Total 64

This makes Warrior, Telvanni and Dagoth and Telvanni Temple the most-played classes/ houses accross all the players in this tournament.

Now, let’s look at the decklists by player.

  • Karakondzhul (Finalist) – Bulgaria
    • Dagoth (Poopy Dagoth, Midrange)
    • Hlaalu (Can’t Nerf This, Aggro)
    • Warrior (Karakon Warrior, Midrange)
    • Redoran (Midrange-Aggro)
  • TDCJason (Semifinalist against Karakondzhul) – United States of America


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