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The first post won’t be anything big. My TESL acronym is Holoir and I am from Germany. English is not my native language which will become apparent by the time you have finished reading this post.

I started playing The Elder Scrolls Legends (TESL) after the relase of the Heroes of Skyrim expansion. I played a few of the Elder Scrolls single-player games when I was much younger (but I am not a guru) and was intrigued by an ad on my phone’s app store. I think it was an “App-of-the-Day”-kind-of-thing. At the time I was done playing one of those costly MMO strategy games where you can only pay consistenly to play competitively and was looking for a casual game that wouldn’t need too much spending. I tried a few things with more or probably less enthusiam. But, once I opened TESL for the first time, I have been hooked ever since, and I am in good company with so many other players around the world. TESL has a great single-player story mode to learn the game and sharpen playing skills. It has mutliple competitive formats, where you can challenge other TESL-players online, and as you keep playing regularly you can earn regular rewards. Bethesda is not too greedy, so you can play for free but a little spending and to play consistently is needed, if you want to play competitively.

So why this blog? Aren’t there others out there? Yes, for sure and many of them are great. There is also a great streaming- and a tournament-community forming which will allow you to get up-to-date content. I have a few ideas about some guides for new players and some other articles, but I might equally just keep posting some news or updates as well as my casual personal musings. If we don’t meet here, I hope to see you on the ladder!


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